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15 Best Ever Homemade Fast Food and Takeout Favorites!



I’m a real sucker for proper American hot dogs—a juicy frankfurter covered with caramelized onions and that weirdly addictive sweet mustard. Even better when it is topped with an easy chili con carne. The quantity of chili here will produce enough for leftovers for. another night.

2.Grilled Burger Recipe

Juicy meat, mustard sauce that will win your heart, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles- the works- this is what goes into making the Grilled Burger of a lifetime.

3.Easy Turkey Burger Recipe

Juicy Burger patties with mild seasoning and spice. Your burger will fall in love with its patty. On the table in 30 minutes!

4.Hamburger Recipe

A classic burger right from scratch.

5.Mushroom Noodles Recipe

Mushrooms or khumbs are fast getting a place in the Indian food platter. Here’s a yummy, tempting noodles recipe with mushrooms. Learn how to make mushroom noodles.

6.Baptist Church-Fried Chicken Wings Recipe

“Essence of Emeril”

7.Bombay Veg Sandwich Recipe

A popular Mumbai street munchie

8.Whole Wheat Veg Pizza Recipe

Pizza just turned healthy

9.Grilled Fish Taco Recipe

Taco with a twist of chipotle lime dressing

10.Baked Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Who doesn’t love these bite sized wonders? And they’re baked too? Give me the bucket already.

11.Bacon Wrapped Mexican Hot Dog Recipe

Delicious hot dogs wrapped in bacon and topped with beans.

12.Onion Rings Recipe

The moment ‘deep-fried’ is used to describe a snack, you know it’s going to be unhealthy, fatty and, well, delicious. Let’s face it, nothing deep-fried ever taste bad! Meatballs, fries, fritters and now for some yummy homemade onion rings.

13.Stuffed Corn Pockets Recipe

Corn stuffed pockets are simply bread rolls with a corn filling. Only fancier and way yummier. The dish is the perfect snack and can be made in under 20 minutes. Just follow this recipe.

14.Bread Pakora Recipe

Just in case you thought that the Bombay Spl Sandwich was the fanciest India could get with bread, thing again. Another bread delicacy from the streets of India happens to be the golden brown deep-fried bread pakora.

The snack is a batter-fried bread fritter, which can either be stuffed with something or not. Usually the bread pakoras come with a spiced potato stuffing, while some like a chunk of cottage cheese and chutney in the center. And more often than not, people like to binge on plain stuffing-free bread pakoras as well. Use this recipe to fry up a batch of potato filled bread pakoras.

15.Southwest Burger Recipe

Burgers are one of the best creations of mankind. The snack is the perfect amalgamation of meat (of veggies), sauces, greens, and bread. And the best part? This basic definition of a burger can be tweaked in thousands of ways to create a new kind of burger every time, with each being yummier than the last. (Ronald McDonald agrees!) One such brilliant take on the dish is the Southwest Burger.


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