15 Amazing Ideas by this Instagrammer have given us something to do while we sip on our Starbucks coffee.

Get on the #sleevebucks trend

#sleevebucks is way more than just awesome. I mean who would have thought that the mermaid on the starbucks sleeve could get any cuter? @sleevebucks, is also on tumblr. Now you know what to try and doodle while you wait for your coffee.

 1. Your coffee just got yummier, with ‘Bean-addict Cumberbatch’ 


2. And we have Goku


3. En Garde with ‘Antonio Granderas’


 And the cast of Harry Potter 

4. Voldemort – the original flat white 


5. Espresso Patronum 


6. Hagrid –  how could we not have the big oaf


7. Our beloved Hermione 


8. Severus Snape 


9. Try the ‘Maleficient’


10. or the ‘Dark’ Knight 


11. This vikings name is ‘Stärbjarks the Bold.’


12. The coffee nerd


13. A beautiful pirate




15. Fish for dinner