15 Recipes To Add An Exciting Twist To Rice

When we think rice, wee automatically think dal (or rasam or sambhar) as well because chawal-dal is a staple meal in many Indian households. But what if we told you that you could tweak your staple without in just a few simple steps? Here are fifteen ways in which you can jazz up your rice this coming week.


Masala Bhaat

All it takes is some rice, chopped vegetable, and spices to crank up that bhaat!FeaturedMasala Bhaat Recipe Image image Masala Bhaat Recipe Image


Paneer Biryani

We started drooling the moment we read ‘biryani’. This is delicious vegetarian biryani for all your fancy hunger needs.Paneer Biryani Recipe Image


Kanchipuram Idli

Go a step further and get grindin’! BEcause technically even ground rice is rice!kanchipuram idli


Karuvepillai Sadam

A delicious rice with the flavor of curry leaves, this sadam rocks the leafy grace like no other!Karuveppilai Sadam Recipe Image


Kothamalli Pudina Sadam

This palatable rice is laden with refreshing mint leaves and dry spices.Kothamalli Pudina Sadam Recipe Image


Methi Pulao

Turn your pulao into a (fenu)Greek God with this simple recipe.methi-pulao


Manga Sadam

It’s rice, it’s a dessert, it’s Manga Sadam. Bring summer to the table with thise delicious mango rice.Manga Sadam Recipe Image


Elumichai Sadam

Savor some delightful sadam with a mind-blowing citric kick.lemon-rice-24-1-of-1


Tomato Pulao

Do the tango with this tangy tomato pulao.tomato-pulao


Takkali Sadam

The South Indian version of the Tomato Puloao will get you doing some Southern Salsa in no time.Takkali Sadam Recipe Image


Coconut Rice

You don’t just nuts, you go coco-nuts! Leftover rice does not get tastier than this!Coconut Rice Recipe



Dive into some stew with this delicious and soft appam.APPAM AND EGG CURRY TRAIN



We’ll play the ‘technicality’ card once more and point out that rice flour is actually ground rice. Oh and by the way, Idiyappams rock!Idiyappam Recipe


Curd Rice

We are drooling while we write about it. Enough said.South Indian Curd Rice Recipe (Thayir Sadam)


Chakkarai Pongal 

Finish off on a sweet note with this delicious traditional chakkarai pongal.Chakkarai Pongal Recipe Image


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