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14 Kitchen Gadgets That Are The Perfect Marriage Of Quirk & Utility


Get your kitchen decked up with some ultra modern appliances and utensils that make cooking and eating so much easier. Here are 12 things that you need in your kitchen right now!


  1. Pot Toaster

Save those precious minutes in the morning with this intelligent gadget. It brews your morning cuppa and browns your breads perfectly.9.bakingpot


  1. Instant Cheese Slicer

Roll out picture perfect cheese slices every time with this camera shaped slicer. ‘Say Cheese’ means so much more now!6.saycheese


  1. Dipr

Dunk your cookies in milk without wetting your fingers!The-Dipr-the-Ultimate-Cookie-Spoon-3-Pack-Red-Blue-and-Green-0-0


  1. Minipresso

Brew your own steaming cup of coffee with this portable espresso machine that does not need batteries or a power source. Just pump and gulp!Minipresso-1


  1. Bubbles Soap Dish

Set your dish soaps on this bubbly soap dish to up the quirk quotient of your kitchen.2.bubbles


  1. Dino Ladle

Cook up your favorite soups and sauces, and let this dinosaur ladle do the stirring.1.nessie


  1. Pizza Scissors

Cutting pizzas with scissors is something most of us have done. But how about using a pair with an attached base for hands free serving?creative-kitchen-gadgets-pizza


  1. Pizza Puzzle Platter

And when you’re done slicing it like a pro, serve the slices on these fancy puzzle plates.25203_zoom1


  1. Wiener Duo

Set your table with the oil and vinegar in these slender wiener dogs. Because what are bottles?23339_zoom1


  1. Shark Tea Infuser

Let this shark fin do the teatime brewing for you.creative-kitchen-gadgets-sharky-2


  1. Ouch! Toothpick Holder

Something that could pass on as voodoo doll. The fact you can stick toothpicks in it does not help either.creative-kitchen-gadgets-ouch-1


  1. Quintuple Bladed Herb Scissors

Cut up those herbs super finely in just one go!creative-kitchen-gadgets-herbal


  1. Toaster Tree

Pluck your breakfast off this tree toaster every morning.creative-kitchen-gadgets-toaster-2


  1. Salt & Pepper Cells

Recharge your food with some salt and pepper!creative-kitchen-gadgets-battery

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