14 #FoodInTheAir Photographs That Have Our Heads in The Cloud

If you’re an Instagram user and a foodie, you’ve probably come across photographs with the hashtag #foodintheair. The concept is pretty self explanatory; you take a photograph of some delicious looking food held against a pretty background. The movement was started by Instagram account @foodintheair (surprise surprise), which took gorgeous food photographs against monuments all over the world. Since then, it’s become a worldwide trend that we cannot get enough of. Here are some of our favourite #foodintheair moments.


We have slight OCD, so we love that the horizontal hot dog parallels the gate bars!

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Breakfast in Rome #foodintheair

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We think it’s time for a Roman Holiday now don’t you?
That gorgeous skyline.
Well, the dog isn’t exactly a monument, but it makes an adorable photograph.

This plate epitomises the American Dream!
Macaroons at the Eiffel tower – what could be more classic?
Book us flight to Amsterdam, will you?