13 places in Chennai for a Quick Cheap Bite!

It’s that time of the month when pockets are slim and our appetites are still huge. Here’s a list of places in Chennai you can eat and feel like your bank balance is unshakable until a brand new month arrives. These places are often crowded with students and working folks who need to catch a break from their mind-numbing routine and nibble on something delicious. It’s cheap and fulfilling and did I mention CHEAP. You’d think the more you shell out, the better the food but these places prove you wrong. These places are always teeming with people and they’ve utilised their street credibility so wonderfully that they innovate and dish out scrumptious food day in and day out. So if your birthday falls on the end of a month, you know where to take your friends who nag you to feed them because you successfully became a little older.

WOSS World of Subs and Salads

Woss that? This small outlet specializes in burgers and salads. Inexpensive, filling and good flavors, that’s what you can expect in this world.

Rachel Ray's Meatball Subs As Seen On Food Network's 30 Minute Meals


Kailash Kitchen

Dear Kailash Kitchen, 
Great momos? Minimal prices? Heavenly ambience?
Drooling customer

Kailash Kitchen


Tibbs Frankie

With a budget below 100 Rs. Frankie is literally the college student’s staple diet. Armed with the all-time favourite-‘Indian spices blended in a rich gravy, Frankie’s are here to please the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Though Frankie stalls are smaller compared to the critic’s view of a restaurant, these delicious Indian wraps have won the hearts of millions of people, and for this I salute Tibbs Frankie.

Tibbs Frankie

Royal Sandwich Shop

Making a sandwich may sound elementary, but I will bet you one whole rupee (It is the end of the month, remember?) that you’ll be eating your words once you’ve bitten into an expertly prepared sandwich from Chennai’s sweetheart: The Royal Sandwich Shop. Chocolate, vanilla and cheese is one of the many loved sandwiches. The buck stops at hundred rupees.



Fusilli Reasons

An open kitchen is the best, cheapest, proven advertising a restaurant can do. Fusilli Reasons has hit the mark. Their pasta is amazing and will leave you no room for complaints, especially in the check section!



Mumbai Café

Chai time always puts a person in the mood for Chaat. With generous portions in every serving, Mumbai cafe is the one-stop place for your Puris, Bhels and Mint Chutneys.

Mumbai Cafe

Y Cook

Why cook when ‘Y Cook’ is here? 
Good Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine is what attracts the crowd to Y Cook.

Y Cook

Craveyard Café

Simple things that taste extravagant in your mouth. There’s no need to toot the horn for those things.

Craveyard Cafe


Eggies Restaurant

So this place is all about eggs. And you can tell that this place is a “good egg” from what they have to offer. Splendid food that keeps your pockets from drying out. YES PLEASE!

Eggies Restaurant

Mad Hatters Tea Garden

This place is like entering a whole new world to dine. And it’s every Tom, Dick and Alice’s dream food destination!

Mad hatters Tea Garden


The whole point of cutting down on a meal is so we can save up on cash, about which this place perfectly understands. Go in for Brunch and eat until your stomach can take no more!


Bombay Lassi

Hot and Spicy Samosas, a tall glass of creamy Lassi that’ll leave a milk mustache, and crackling jalebis dunked in sugar syrup to satiate your appetite!

Popular indian, asian and african deep fried snack called samosa with spicy chutney and mintGupta Chat

This place is an absolute delight for every walking soul out there who is so passionately in love with food. You’ll be surprised that such little money can get you something so heavenly! Try their puff stuffed with cheese and their Vada Pav, also stuffed with cheese. Because CHEESE.