12 Works of Food Art that will make you go ‘I-Need-Lunch-Now’!

These amazing artists also happen to be foodies. They have created superb pieces of art that will astound you and also have your stomach rumbling. Ogle at these masterpieces while we go order some food.

1. “Fictitious Dishes” by Dinah Fried

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2. “Recipes” by Nora Luther and Pavel Becker

6a 6b

3. “A Tribute to Budgie” by Anna Keville Joyce and Agustín Nieto


4. “Insult Cakes” / “Let Them Eat Cake” by Stephanie Gonot and Max Siedentopf


5. “Band Riders” by Hargreaves and Levin

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6. “Contemporary Pieces” by Rebecca Rütten

5a 5b

7. “Candybar Carpet” by We Make Carpets


8. “The Comfort Food Series” by Jessica Dance and David Sykes



9. “Fingerprints” by Kevin Van Aelst

11a 11b

11. “Sweet and Low” by Nicoletta Ceccoli

12a 12b

12. Ceramics by Anna Barlow

13a 13b