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12 Super Easy Biriyani Recipes For Lunch


Lunch time. That time of the day that everyone looks forward to whether you’re at school, at work, or even at home. It’s that much needed mid-day break time that you simply can’t miss and if you’re a foodie, you’re already planning what’s on the menu tomorrow. It can seem like a painful task to cook up a little something for lunch everyday, but you deserve to feast on something yum after those long morning hours. Might we suggest the ever so popular biriyani for lunch? Sounds like too much? With these simple biriyani recipes, you’ll be cooking up a feast for lunch time and looking forward to noon!

1. Plain Biriyani Recipe

Here is a simple recipe to make plain biriyani that gets ready in no time! It’s perfect for when you have plenty of curries left over because you can enjoy it along with some plain biriyani.

2. Vegetable Biriyani Recipe

Veggie lovers can feast on this veggie-filled biriyani for lunch! Remember, you can add your favourite veggies to this recipe for an enjoyable lunch!

3. Aloo Biriyani Recipe

Love aloo? So do we! Potatoes make this vegetarian biriyani a hit in this recipe!

4. Egg Biriyani Recipe

This one’s for the egge-tarians. A hearty and filling meal with eggs! Enjoy!

5. Fish Biriyani

Get fishy with this recipe! Because who doesn’t love a little seafood in biriyani!

6. Prawn Biriyani Recipe

Got prawns in your freezer? Well, get them out right now and make yourself a delicious prawn biriyani that everyone will want to feast on!

7. Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani

A popular style of biriyani, this one will have you going “wow” every time because it’s not just yum, its super simple too! Try the authentic Hyderabadi biriyani recipe for a change in variety.

8. Simple Chicken Biriyani

This is a basic chicken biriyani recipe that can come to your rescue when you desperately want a quick biriyani. Yes, it’s simpler than you think!

9. Beef Biriyani Recipe

Try out this amazing recipe for beef biriyani. It’s sure to be a winner especially for those potluck days! You may want to make a bigger portion for yourself given that you will go back for a third or maybe even a fourth serving!

10. Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani (Mutton)

Your cravings for a good mutton biriyani will be satisfied with this recipe. Trust us.

11. Mutton Kofta Biriyani

Get that mutton cooking for a delicious and hearty mutton kofta biriyani that you will instantly fall in love with!

12. Bombay Beef Biriyani

Beef biriyani, in true Bombay style!

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