12 Recipes Starring Coconut That Will Make You Go Nuts

Indians, especially South Indians (yes, Kerala, we’re looking at you) love to use coconut in their food. It certainly does give each dish a unique flavour that I have loved all my life. If, like me you think a tinge of coconut is the best way to elevate a dish here are some recipes for you to try.

1) Coconut Rice Recipe 


Throw together some rice, coconut and spices and you have the rice they’ll serve in heaven.

2) Coconut Ginger Chicken Recipe


Your regular chicken breast gets a makeover with a touch of coconut and ginger. 

3) Coconut Cake Recipe


Coconuts…cake…chocolate – does everything starting with a ‘C’ taste good? 

4) Paleo Coconut Flour Brownie Recipe


This has chocolate and coconut in it. And, it’s also Paleo certified, just in case you’re following that diet.

5) Paleo Key Lime Coconut Snack Recipes


Here’s another Paleo approved recipe oozing with coconut. 

6) Coconut Barfi Recipe


Jazz up this beloved Indian sweet with some coconut!

7) Coconut Ladoo Recipe


Here’s another Indian sweet that tastes even better with a coconut infusion. 

8) Coconut Kale Smoothie Recipe


It’s green, it’s healthy and it’s got a healthy dose of coconuts. What better way to start you morning? 

9) Cranberry Coconut Smoothie Recipe


Not a fan of the green smoothie trend? Try this happy red smoothie instead. 

10) Rava Coconut Upma Recipe


With your smoothie, have this upma for a meal full of coconut flavours! 

11) Red Chilly Coconut Chutney Recipe


Spice up the coconut with some red chillies by trying out this chutney recipe. It’ll go perfectly with a sada dosa! 

12) Mint Coconut Chutney Recipe


This chutney will leave you feeling coco-nutty fresh. Hey, we should coin that phrase!