12 reasons we just can’t get enough of Food-gifs.com

Gif a second.

Food is just gif-ing all over the place and we can’t thank the people at food-gifs.com for all the food-gasms. I mean, come on. Icing cupcakes, dunking toasts in butter, chocolate melting, nuts roasting..mm.hmm. Even peeling a banana looks awesome-tastic on this site. If you haven’t the time between eating food and eating more food to head to the site, we’ve taken care of that. Scroll away and gif like crazy. 

1.I dare you to think of anything else.

2. Candy-crush me.

3. More. More. More. I NEED more.

4. Oh, baby, that’s the stuff.


5. Mini Oreos’ and cream- take me away.

6. Moose over and give me that.


7. Frosty the smore-man.

7. Tell me. I can handle it. Apple Pie Heaven, right?

8. So where can I get myself some yellow cream goodness?

9. Apple roll me ups, roll me up.

10. Mac, cheese and crazy taste buds.

11. And they bring out the Nutella.

12. Cheese fingers. Need.

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