12 Pesticides Have Been Banned By the Indian Govt With Six More In Tow

12 Pesticides Have Been Banned By the Indian Govt With Six More In Tow

According to an update by the F&B News, the Indian Government has put a ban on 12 pesticides which were being used for agricultural purposes. This is an immediate ban which will be followed by a ban on six more pesticides which will come into force by 2020. The list of pesticides currently banned includes Benomyl, Carbaryl, Diazinon, Fenarimol, Fenthion, Linuron, Methoxy Ethyl Mercury Chloride, Methyl Parathion, Sodium Cyanide, Thiometon, Tridemorph, Trifluralin, Alachlor, Dichlorvos, Phorate, Phosphamidon, Triazophos and Trichlorfon.

Ban On Harmful Pesticides

The action has been taken by the government based on the recommendations of an expert committee which was formed back in 2013. In two years, it reviewed 66 pesticides and gave the report to the agricultural ministry. After finding these pesticides harmful for human consumption, the government has now banned their use, manufacture, import and formulation. “Every state government shall take such steps under the said Act, and the rules made thereunder, as it considers necessary, for the implementation of this order in the state,” said the government orders as reports by F&B News.

“It is a very good move by the government. The use of these harmful pesticides is affecting human health day by day, and making our future generations very weak,” said Usha Kiran Sisodia, dietician, Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, Vile Parle while speaking to the publication. “They may not able to live a healthy life, as they are not getting good-quality food. The only concern would be to keep an eye on the percentage of these pesticides. The shelf life of all products should be reduced to two to three months, which will autocratically reduce the use of these pesticides. Kids and women bearing child age will benefit.”


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