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12 Pancakes I’d Gladly Wake Up To


Everyone loves pancakes and we do too! They make a perfect breakfast and they can be enjoyed with a large variety of toppings like fruits, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, honey, or even whipped cream. Pancakes can also be enjoyed any time during the day as a snack or even as dinner. Our favourite though, has to be midnight pancakes. The best part about pancakes is that they are very simple to make and require ingredients that you are always sure to have in your pantry. What we’ve got here is a list of some of the most tastiest pancakes ever with recipes that are simple to follow and guaranteed to give you a great breakfast! Get ready to kick start your mornings with some glorious pancakes!

1. Basic Pancakes Recipe

Here’s a simple recipe to some classic homemade pancakes. The video shows you how to make it from scratch. All it takes is a few basic ingredients and once you’re made them, you can enjoy them with any topping you like!


2. American Pancakes

With this video, you can learn how to make fluffy American pancakes at home. These pancakes are delicious and work well for breakfast or as a dessert. You can feel free to serve them with jam, fruits, honey, whipped cream, chocolate, maple syrup, or whatever you like!


3. English Pancakes

Sometimes there’s nothing like a good old English pancake. They make a great comfort food when you’ve tossed some sweet sugar over it, so give this one a try if you’re in the mood for a classical sweet treat.


4. Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes are absolutely yum and also look amazing with their golden brown crusts and their fluffy texture. The sweetness of the blueberries also give these pancakes a great sweet taste to it. They can be enjoyed with a generous serving of maple syrup or honey.


5. Vegan Pancakes
Whether you’re a vegan or not, these vegan pancakes will absolutely blow your mind. Obviously these pancakes will contain no eggs and no milk. So be gentle and wary when making them since they tend to crumble if you overcook them. Ready to make a great batch of vegan pancakes? Click the video and get the recipe!


6. Chocolate Pancake

Here’s a super easy recipe for the most delicious chocolate pancakes ever! Pancakes are awesome and chocolate is awesome too, but mix them together and you’re got a super awesome snack to enjoy!


7. Banana Pancakes

This recipe shows you how to make completely natural banana pancakes. They’re super healthy because they’re gluten free, flourless and low calorie. They’re also really easy to make because they require only two ingredients and no sugar! As if these pancakes weren’t awesome enough, they’re also under 250 calories so that makes it a perfectly healthy snack that you can also enjoy as breakfast, dessert, post workout or pre workout!


8. Easy Eggless Pancakes

Here’s an easy recipe for eggless pancakes that turn out really light! These pancakes are best enjoyed with some warm syrup, so go ahed and make these for a great cosy morning indoors.


9. Potato Pancakes

This recipe for potato pancakes take just minutes to make using a food processor. If you enjoy savoury pancakes, you’ll love these. What’s more, since these are savoury pancakes we’re talking about, you can pair them with some sausages or bacon lying in your freezer.


10. Buttermilk Pancakes

This video shows you how to make some delicious buttermilk pancakes and they’re very easy to make. Also, if you do not have buttermilk lying around, have no fear because this recipe also shows you how to make the buttermilk for your pancakes. Enjoy!


11. Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrition and using them in this recipe makes these pancakes super moist and fluffy!


12. Chocolate Chip Pancakes

This video shows you how to make the perfect chocolate chip pancakes! It’s definitely something that you will enjoy so check it out!

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