12 Foods That Beat The Orange When It Comes To Vitamin C

Most people, including me, have the tendency to chug down glasses of Vitamin C as soon as they feel a cold coming on. Although, it might not help us prevent colds, it might help shorten the duration that we are sick and even reduce the severity of symptoms. 

Oranges do have the reputation of being extremely rich in Vitamin C, they aren’t exactly the richest in Vitamin C. 

Here are 12 other super foods that beat the orange when it comes to Vitamin C 

Chili Peppers 

These can even help you relieve joint and muscle pain. 


Half-Cup = 107.8 mg 

Red Bell Pepper 

These contain nearly three times more than a single oranges. They are also a good source of Vitamin A. 



1 Cup = 190 mg 

Green Bell Pepper 

This is also a great source of finer. 


1 Cup = 120 mg 


Additionally Kale also gives you 7 times the daily recommended Vitamin K. This superfood also contains minerals and fatty acids 


1 Cup = 80.4 mg 


At just 30 calories per serving, this is a super food in every form. 


1 cup = 132 mg 


This fruit can help clear sinuses, brighten your skin and strengthen your bones. 


1 Cup = 88.3 mg 


They are also known to promote heart health. What’s more? They help whiten your teeth naturally. 


1 Cup = 84.7 mg 


It doesn’t matter how you eat it, even a single head of cauliflower gives you Vitamin C, fibre and protein 

Gently to my tummy!

1 head = 127.7 mg 

Brussels sprouts 

If you don’t like their natural taste, try roasting them to bring out their natural sweetness. 


1 BS = 74.8 mg 


The pineapple also contains a digestive enzyme that breaks down food and reduces bloating. 


1 cup = 78.9 mg 


This delicious fruit is also rich in potassium and copper 


1 cup = 137.2 mg 


This fruit is also rich in Vitamin A and is healthy for the eyes. 

Are you a mango maniac?

1 cup = 122.3 mg