12 Christmassy Cupcakes That You Can Bake This Season

Cupcakes are made with infinite awesomeness! You just have to take a bite and all your questions in life will be answered. How many times have they lifted us up when no one else could (Literally)? How many times have they rescued you out of those terrible breakups? They have always been there for us dragging us around with your cuteness. So this season don’t forget to spend your time with your loved ones! Take time and show those cupcakes how much you love them and here are 12 different ways to dress them up for this Christmas. Christmas cupcakes rock! 


1. Rudolph Cupcakes


Rudolph’s in the house yo! Decorate your cupcakes to look like our little friends from the north pole. Check out the recipe here!


2. Santa Hat Cupcakes

DSC_7341x900 (1)

Santa hats are the cutest things to go on cupcakes, apart from cupcakes itself. Check out the recipe here!


3. Snowflake cupcakes


Add the frost to the frosting! Learn to make sparkly snow flakes to go on those white frosting. Check out the recipe here!


4. Christmas Tree Cupcakes


Diet plans? What’s that? Check out the recipe!


5. Peppermint Mocha Cupcakes


Peppermint and chocolate just are meant to be together. FOREVER. Peppermint candies are the most christmassy things you will ever come across. Check out the recipe here!


6. Christmas Ornament Cupcakes


Those ornaments look gorgeous on the cupcakes too. And tas… *Nom nom nom* Check out the recipe here!


7. Red-Velvet Cupcakes


 With the raspberry sauce oozing out of the chocolaty crust, they are the best things you can gifts to your friends. Check out the recipe here!


8. Choco Melt Cupcakes


Has chocolate sauce. End of story. Check out the recipe here!


9. Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes


The flavor of cinnamon in sweets is not a new combination. It works wonders and still continues to. Check out the recipe here!


10. Black Forest Cupcakes


Waiting for true love? *Secret* It’s right here.  Check out the recipe here!


11. Andes Mint Cupcakes


Spread the love this Christmas season. Or just eat it all. Check out the recipe here!


12. Christmas Cupcake Tree


And finally for the ultimate Christmas Cupcake, make a Cupcake Christmas Tree! Now, that’s a tree we wish to sleep under for gifts. Okay fine, maybe we are exaggerating but hey hey or should I say Ho Ho, It is a Cupcake Tree! It needs exaggeration! Check out the recipe here!