12 Chicken Recipes For The Chicken Loving Souls 

I like chicken. You like chicken. We all like chicken (vegetarians excluded of course). Enough said. Here are some chicken recipes to fulfil those cravings all week long. 

1) American Fried Chicken Recipe 


The fourth of July weekend is over, but you should never stop digging in to buckets of fried chicken. Never. 

2) Spicy Chicken Lollipop Recipe


The Rain Tree Hotel, Anna Salai in Chennai shows us how to make delicious, spicy chicken lollipops. We raise our lollipops to them. 

3) Tso’s Chicken Recipe 


General Tso did something very very right when he created this recipe, that is popular across American Chinese restaurants in America. 

4) Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe 


Tortilla up a classic chicken soup with this recipe. 

5) Chicken Fajitas 


Wrap these chicken fajitas in a taco for a chicken meal that will make you go ‘si senor’! 

6) Mustard Chicken Recipe 


Add a dash of mustard to your chicken for a recipe with some zing! 

7) Asian Chicken Salad Recipe 


Have your chicken with your green quota for the day in this healthy recipe

8) Cashew Chicken Recipe 


This recipe is nutty good.

9) Chicken 65 Kothu Parotta Recipe 


  Head to the south of India with this mix of chicken 65 and parathas

10) Chicken Pot Bread Pie Recipe 


Is there anything more heavenly than a slice of chicken pie for a quick snack? 

11) Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe 


Make the perfect chicken tikka using this recipe – you’ll give North Indian restaurants a run for their money! 

12) Chicken Lasagna Recipe 


A chicken lasagna doused in white sauce spells out perfection.