12 Baked Goodies You Can Gift Your Friends This Christmas

The best thing about Christmas is there are loads and loads of desserts! Christmas or not, people love munching those cookies and getting a bite of those chocolaty muffins. Christmas is just another excuse to indulge in those guilty pleasures. Sweeten up the party this Christmas by giving out these baked goodies to your friends and brighten their day. Because there’s nothing sweeter than waking up to a box of baked goodies on a Christmas morning or every morning. Here are some simple recipes to help you out, if you stand clueless. 


1. Baked Pineapple


The sweet-sour taste of pineapple is always refreshing to the tongue and always gets the best of you. It is very simple, easy to bake and  absolutely yummy to taste.


2. Baked Nutty Chocolate Doughnut


Sounds sweet, doesn’t it? The taste doesn’t disappoint you as well. It has that heavenly touch to it. Follow the steps and bake your own lot. 


3. Blueberry Linzer Cookies


They are a delight to eat! If your hands have perfected the cookies recipe the just go one step further and bake this amazing batch of blueberry linzer cookies. You can also substitute the filling with any other jam available. 


4. Amish Christmas Cookies


They are simple homemade cookies for those who want to stick to the traditional way of celebrating. You can later on decorate those cookies with some whipped cream to get the perfect balance of flavors. 


5. Banana Crunch Muffins


Slip away from the customary chocolate muffins and try these banana crunch muffins this season for a twist. They are crispy, crunchy and delightful to have. They are also a lot lighter than the chocolate muffins.


6. Gluten-free Lemon Berry Muffins


For all those healthy eaters and weight watchers, you can gift them gluten-free lemon berry muffins which are look and taste great. 


7. Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes


Anything chocolate makes anyone and everyone happy. And chocolate cupcakes? Needless to say. These cupcakes have not one but THREE different chocolates in them!


8. Choco Truffles


Choco truffles are loved by everyone. Dot. That’s reason enough to go with these desserts. 


9. Flower Cookie Pops


Flower cookie pops are a treat to the eyes. They can fill up your Christmas goodies basket and people will love it too. 


10. Candy Cane Cookies

On Cooling Rack 1

Candy canes are a little hard to make so try the candy cane cookies which taste just as luscious and toothsome as the candy canes. 


11. Chocolate Rocky Road Fudge


Fudges are commonly gifted goodies as they are both easy to make and great to taste. The chocolate rocky road fudges are filled with nuts. And you know how great the combination of chocolate and nuts are. Ahh just heavenly. 


12. Fudge Puddles


Lovely looking fudge puddles are all one can ask for this Christmas. They are inviting to the eyes and the mouth. Cunchy cookie textured on the outside with a muddly chocolate filling on the inside will get your friends going Ho Ho Ho this season.