11 things Martians will never understand about humans and food

Just can't understand these humans. Let's leave.

1. Too much cash

Why would they pay money to eat unhealthy food?

 martian about human food


2. Too many ice creams

Why do they need more than one variety of ice cream?

martians don't get ice creams

3. Small stomach, big appetite

How can they eat more than the size of their stomach?

 martians wonder about humans

4. Vegetarian?

It’s not just enough to call yourself a vegetarian. Some are vegans, some tolerate eggs, while some even eat certain kinds of meat!

martians wonder about vegetarians

5. Eating again, and again

They eat three times a day. How come they’re still eating in between meals?

 martians wonder about foodies

6. Food, food, food..

Is food the only thing on their minds? If they spent as much time thinking of food as they did in improving their technology, they’d have found us by now.


7. Keep it simple

They’re so particular about the taste and presentation of their food. Why not just eat nutrients to keep the body functioning?

 martians think humans need only nutrients

8. Non-vegetarian?

They eat all sorts of species, except for their own. Barbarians!

 martians judge humans who eat meat

9. The secret power of kids

All those millions of candy bars that kids eat, where does it all go?

 martians wonder how kids can eat so much candy

10. Stop. Eating.

So much fat WILL damage their organs. Why are they STILL eating more?

 martians don't want fat humans

11. New god?

Is pasta a religion? Why are there so many followers?

 martians and pasta


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