11 Restaurants & Food Services That Took Delhi By Strom In 2016

2016 saw an influx of a number of new food trends, cookbooks, TV shows, and eateries. Delhi, in general, was endowed with a fair share of new restaurant joints and food services that took the people in the Capital by storm. Some of these were polished fine dining spaces, some were hardcore street grub hubs, while others were app-based, subscription-based, and/or online meal services. Here is a list of 11 Delhi-based restaurants and food services that blew our mind in 2016!


  1. Buéno

In 2013, Buéno started just with a store and has over time become synonymous with quality global food, a delivery service that never fails to the delight the consumer with fresh and nutritious gourmet meals right at their doorstep.

Buéno literally means ‘good’ and that is exactly what the business thrives to provide – good food with unmatched quality. Apart from reflecting their purpose, the name walks in line with the team’s dram to become a global brand and to feed hungry palate world over.bueno.kitchen


  1. Ice Ninja

Bringing absolutely delish ice cream rolls to the Capital, this Gurgaon-based gelato parlour changed the way we ate the frozen dessert in 2016.


  1. Nashta

A registered brand under DawnDelight Gourmet, Nashta is the brainchild of Agarwal and her team that stems from their personal experience. “I was working in Mumbai, where I was staying alone and everyday I was struggling for my breakfast requirements.

“Lunch and dinner are still manageable but not breakfast, especially if you’re a bachelor or spinster. Even when you’re married and both the partners are working, managing food in the morning can get tough. And that’s when I used to think that if someone could look after my breakfast, it’d be a boon”, she explains.feature image nashta


  1. First Eat

First Eat stepped foot in the market with breakfast plans. These were, of course, a variety of healthy eats to give the consumers’ day a kickstart. “We came to know that there is a huge market for breakfast in Gurgaon. Cyber City alone had 3.5 lakh professionals. There was a vast gap in terms of availability and affordability of options and that is where we came in.”

That said, Dogra reiterates that First Eat is not just for the working people, their motto is “healthy, affordable meals for everyone”.First Eat


  1. Kennedy’s

Owned by friends, business partners and foodies Piyush Kennedy and Jinith Khorwal, Kennedy’s was born out of Piyush & Jinith’s love for food and more so to do some something productive with their free time. “We are foodoholics”, says Piyush, explaining the reason behind venturing into the F&B space. “We thought of coming up with ‘I-maggi-nation’ and serve up experiments with Maggi, but that didn’t work out.

“Eventually we found a guy with the know-how of making great shawarmas and that’s how Kenney’s happened. We started with just shawarmas but then the locals’ incessant demand for ‘chowmein’ led to a more diverse and multi-cuisine menu”, he adds.Featured image kennedys


  1. Zoe – Nutrition For Life

A self-funded start up, Zoe kicked off on February 14th of this year and the 2-month-old brand has come a long in a short span of time with delicious frappes, cold pressed juices and smoothies in its kitty. We got chatting to Zoe’s founder, Dhirasaria, to know more about the brand and most importantly healthy eating, read on.feature image zoe


  1. Culinate

Founded about a year ago, Culinate functions on a delivery-only model. Founder Rajiv Kumar, who is an experienced entrepreneur, always wanted to step into the food industry. “Though making it commercially viable is a completely different ball game. The business started as a rude shock when it was difficult to get right people, meet the customers’ expectations, limited options on packaging, utter disregard for food grade quality and lack of awareness amongst the customers. But after those teething problems, we started growing leaps and bounds. We’re glad to be where we are after almost 12 months into the business.”feature-image-culinate


  1. Puppychino

Set in the thriving lanes of Shahpur Jat, there are two reasons why Puppychino is absolutely awesome – first, pets; and second, food. The place is the perfect hideout for people who want their pooches to have some fun with other pooches, while their hoomans binge on yummy food.Puppychino


  1. 52 Janpath

52 Janpath lays out a spread that has picked up elements from across the globe. The menu packs a punch with delicious Global Gourmet Food preparations with a wide range of cuisines expertly curated by the chefs. Special shout out to their modern spin on global menu, which is truly laudable.featured-image-52-janpath


  1. The Courtyard Grill

The Courtyard Grill packs an aesthetic punch with its bright and quirky yet calming ambience complete with a quaint bar and a live grill station, which is easily the Grill’s major attraction (especially if you’re into poultry and seafood). You can handpick your meats and the chef weighs it and goes on to prepare it for you live.featured-image-courtyard-grill


  1. Greenr Café

“The original inspiration for GREENR started in California – the place tends to pilot all major lifestyle trends. Being vegetarians we noticed that there is so much variety in California! And for a country that has so many vegetable varieties and options within each cuisine, India still synonymizes vegetarian food with paneer and aloo!” says GREENR co-founder Nitin Dixit.

The place is not just about the food, the jewelry boutique downstairs, the gorgeous lifestyle items sprawled across the space, or even a calm place to let your clockworks churn.feature-image-greenr


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