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12 Restaurants in Chennai that scream “Kerala”


Food, for the people, by the people and with the people. A certain group of happy people from one of those famous groups on Facebook helped us come up with this lovely list. So we’d like to thank them right from our hearts. Thank you “Where Chennai Eats” for your contribution to our list of God’s own favourites in Chennai

Mention beef curry, roast of karimeen and you’ll see faces light up. Between our laddus and bonda-teas, most of us have made space for some real good Kerala meals. Steaming hot appams, red rice and spicy curries make up this cuisine. And let’s not forget the coconut. Coconut Oil, milk and gratings, the folks from right across the border have got the right mix. So we’ve come up with this list of Chennai’s Kerala restaurants for when coconut trees and backwaters come a calling. Of course, the list is in no particular order. 

Ente Keralam 

Where: Alwarpet, R.A puram and Anna Nagar 

What: Karimeen Polichathu, Mango Fish curry, Nanaari Sherbet 

Yes, the name says it all. The service is fast and staff friendly. The smell of steaming hot appams will take you straight home, so don’t hold back. Book in advance if they’re taking bookings. 

Pamba Restaurant

Where: Spurtank Road

What: Beef Roast, Parotta 

Tiny joint off Spurtank road in Chetpet. The place is really crowded most of the time. So if you’re thinking ambience and a big crowd spells ‘lunch’, Pamba is not really your cup of ‘chayya’. 

Savoury Sea Shell

Where: T nagar, Greams Road, Anna Nagar, OMR 

What: Thalassery Biriyani 

Sea Shells has real quick service and is one of those permanently crowded places. So run in and get a parcel if you need to, but don’t miss the Biriyani. 

Crescent Hotel 

Where: Nungambakkam, Kilpak, Adyar 

What: Appam-Stew, Pazham Nirachathu

This is what great Sunday Breakfasts are made of. Stop by and you’ll find a tiny piece of Kerala. 

Kutanad Restaurant 

Where: Adyar 

What: Beef Roast, Parotta 

If you’re living away from home, you’ll know exactly how close Beef Roast and Parotta is to the heart. 

Nair’s Mess

Where: Wallajah Road  

What: Fish Fry, Fish Curry 

Not exactly, five star ambience. But maybe that’s what great food is about sometimes. Their meals, of course, are quick and filling.


Where: Nungambakkam, Adyar 

What: Elada, Pazham Puttu Curry, Red Rice Idyappam

Vegetarian and Mallu – get here already. Although, if you want the Elada and Red Rice Idyappam, they’re available only for dinner. They have some really healthy options for the weight watchers too.

Southern Aromas

Where: Residency Towers

What: Appam, Kerala Fish Curry 

Their ambience, of course, is just right. They have a fine gentleman playing some live music. So if it’s a special occasion, head here. 

GRT Copper Point 

Where: T Nagar 

What: Appam, Chemmeen Curry

They’re mostly a South Indian restaurant, but our source at “Where Chennai Eats” tells us, “Appam, Chemeen Curry is divine”. Now that’s what we’re talking about! 

Ente Malayala Naadu 

Where: Kilpauk 

What: Beef Curry 

Tiny place off Kilpauk garden road, the food is just right. You might not want to go in a large group, the space is a little cramped. 


Where: Alwarpet 

What: Syrian Beef

Near Music Academy sits this restaurant that spells ‘Kerala‘ in spice. 

The Marina 

Where: Nungambakkam 

What: Fish Fry, Malabar Fish Curry

Seafood and you’re already drooling. Marina has a whole range of seafood options and sauces. But this is the Kerala list, so we’ll stick to the Malabar Curry. Again, crowded as ever and always. Book earlier if you can.