11 Recipes To Welcome Lord Ganesha With Gusto

11 Recipes To Welcome Lord Ganesha With Gusto

The chants of ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ are already in the air as idols are being brought in with fervour. With the arrival of the much-loved deity, Ganesh Chaturthi 2018 is off to a great start. The splendour is going to be magical this year so we thought why not make a different kind of sweet on all days. Here are 11 recipes of modaks and laddoos that Lord Ganesha is surely going to love!

Amrit Modak Recipe

Made with mawa and pistachios, this modak is really tasty and perfect for the festival.

Coconut Jaggery Modak Recipe

Super-easy to make, this modak adds flavour and variety during the 10-day long festival.

Khajoor Modak Recipe

Speaking of variety, khajoor modaks are a no fuss, quick ones and only need three ingredients. Tastes yum too!

Chocolate Modak Recipe

Who can forget the irresistible chocolate modaks that started as a trend a few years back but are now quite common during the festival!

Ukadiche Modak Recipe

Stick to the classic Ukadiche Modak when a large bunch of people are coming over for darshan.

Fried Modak Recipe

We don’t recommend eating too many off these but nonetheless they are delicious and you should make it at least on one of the days.

Malai Ladoo Recipe

Coming to the laddoos, let’s first talk about the melt-in-the-mouth Malai Laddoos that are going to be the talk of the neighbourhood if you make them right!

Oats Ladoo Recipe

If you’re all in for Ganesh Chaturthi but want to maintain your diet then this is one of the best options for laddoos!

Ragi Ladoo Recipe

Another healthy alternative for laddoos in case you don’t like oats.

Til Ladoo Recipe

Yet another healthy, tasty and also traditional recipe for Ganesh Mahotsav. ‘Til Gul Ghya God God Bola’ (Eat Til Laddoo and speak sweet words).

Motichoor Ladoo Recipe

Last but definitely not the least, one of the widely sold laddoos at the sweet shops – Motichoor Laddoo. Try resisting the charm of this one!