11 Punjabi Recipes To Keep You Warm This Winter
December 24, 2017

11 Punjabi Recipes To Keep You Warm This Winter

If you’ve been born and brought up on in the Northwestern chunk of India, or spent a considerable amount of your life in Delhi – or even spent a winter in this region – you’d be well affiliated with the concept of binging on rich stuffed parathas, panjiri, makki di roti & sarson ka saag, and the likes during the cold months. It is not an obligation but a ritual (and necessity) to enrich your system with the warmth of these Punjabi delicacies in order to battle the Arctic winds. Which is why we suggest you try out some of these hardcore Punjabi recipes this December!


  1. Makki ki Roti & Sarson ka Saag

The North Indian winter essential that almost every household binges on atleast once during the December-January period.feature-image-makki-ki-roti-sarso-saag


  1. Aloo ka Paratha

Have them for breakfast, for lunch, or for dinner, or even as a snack, but you must have them!aloo gobhi paratha


  1. Pinni/ Panjiri

It does not get better than a piping hot mug of chai and a bowl of freshly prepared ghee-rich panjiri or pinni.Panjiri-Recipe


  1. Dal Makhni

Topped with extra butter and a swirl of fresh cream!recipe_of_dal-makhani


  1. Butter Chicken

And again, topped with extra butter and a generous swirl of malai!Featured image butter chicken


  1. Amritsari Fish

Marinated in the classic Punjabi spices and fried to decadent perfection!

Golden fried fish!


  1. Kulcha

Indulge in some more stuffed Punjabi breads this winter.kulcha


  1. Punjabi Samosa

Because not everyone likes panjiri with their tea.shubh-sweets-samosa-bangalore


  1. Chana Pindi

You got to pair that kulcha with something!pindi-chana


  1. Chhole Bhature

Nothing spells out ‘Punjabi’ better than a hot plate of spicy chhole served with some hot fluffy bhature!feature image lajpat chhole bhature


  1. Tandoori Chicken

How can you not sink your hooks into this juicy chicken dish?Tandoori Chicken Lollipop Recipe | Tandoori Lollypop Recipe


Now run along, get your makkhan, ghee, and malai ready!

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