11 People Succumb To Alleged Food Poisoning By Consuming Temple Food In Karnataka
December 15, 2018
Shruti Anand (1651 articles)

11 People Succumb To Alleged Food Poisoning By Consuming Temple Food In Karnataka

A gathering was held to celebrate the construction of a temple in the Chamarajnagar district of Karnataka. The feast distributed during this celebration resulted in the death of 11 people and illness in about 130 reports the Hindustan Times. The incident took place on Friday and today, the police has arrested three people in the alleged case of food poisoning.

Food Poisoning In Karnataka

“They were giving us some offerings at the temple. It had a weird smell. When we asked what that was, they told us it is because of leaves in the offering,” Murege Swamy, a victim of the alleged food poisoning told the publication. “As soon as we ate that, me and my friends felt a sharp pain in our stomachs and started puking.”

The publication also spoke to a lady who hadn’t consumed the food named Sangeeta and she said, “Only a few were OK, but everyone else was vomiting immediately.” She also added that it was lucky that she didn’t eat the food being distributed in the temple. “Eleven people have died so far and 93 others are hospitalised,” said KH Prasad, the health officer for the district while speaking to The Guardian. “It is likely that some toxic substance got mixed with the rice. The samples have been sent for forensic testing.”

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Shruti Anand

Shruti Anand

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