11 Of My Favourite Barbecue Restaurants In Chennai

Who doesn’t love good BBQ? Sticky, sweet and succulent, barbecued meats and vegetables always tick off the right boxes in one’s books. The tantalizing aroma and the melt-in-the-mouth flavour of the dish is hard to resist. One easy way to woo your guests is to serve them BBQ. Chennaiites love barbecue as much as the others. They are an umpty number of cafés and restaurants serving some mouth-watering barbecue dishes. Each café has its own spice rub mix which makes all the difference. Tender succulent meat, marinated in spices and slow cooked over hot coal or wood is a treat, any day! Find below some of the hand-picked restaurants in and around Chennai to satisfy your BBQ pangs.

1. Barbecue Nation


Located at T.Nagar, Vadapalania nd Thoraipakkam, Barbecue Nation is the perfect place to hang out with a bunch of friends over kebabs and chicken skewers.

2. Social

Grilled BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Head over to R.A Puram at once if you are a lover of burgers and BBQ. This place has the best barbecue chicken burger in town! Their succulent and sticky BBQ skewers are a must try too!

3. Al Arabian Delights

Mangal Kebab

This is one place where you can eat till your heart’s content and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. They have a wide range of barbecue dishes to choose from and they come with delectable sauces and sides.

4. Eatalica


This Italian themed restaurant is not only famous for pasta and sandwich but also for their BBQ style burgers. They are in fact so good that made it into the good books of Zomato’s Kickass Burgers list!

5. Savoury Sea Shell Restaurant

Spread across six locations Chennai, this place serves spicy, Arabian inspired BBQ dishes.

6. Maqs Babecue and Biryani


If you are a sucker for BBQ chicken, this is where you should be at right now. Tender chicken leg pieces marinated in a special spice rub and barbecue grilled on charcoal for the smoky flavor shouts perfection!

7. Ciclo Café


Hog on some BBQ chicken breast (marinated in a flavorful homemade BBQ sauce and grilled) burgers in an amazing ambiance!

8. Plan B


A perfect resto-bar to enjoy food and drinks. Fill yourself with BBQ wings by the dozed here! They also serve succulent pork burgers doused with homemade BBQ sauce.

9. Mash Restocafe


Located at Besant Nagar, Mash Restocafe offers a wide variety of BBQ dishes. They Pasta BBQ, with a mix of spicy BBQ sauce, chicken and melted cheese is a must try!

10. Zaitoon


This is where you get to taste the best of Arab cuisine. Spread across many locations in the city, you’ll definitely want to try their BBQ shawarma rolls from their never-ending list of BBQ dishes!

11. 400 Degree F Barbecue

sizzling barbecue sticks with meat and vegetables

Kebabs galore! Take your pick from the different yummy kebabs available at this restaurant.