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11 Fruity Popsicles That Are Absolutely Perfect for the Summer


Summer is really the only time you can make the most of popsicles and all things filled with ice. Whether you’re pouring yourself a drink filled to the brim with ice cubes or if you’re pigging out on ice cream bars, summer is when you can do all of this guilt free.

As kids, popsicles were the easiest thing to eat. When the ice cream truck came around ringing that bell, you knew that while the ice cream bars and cones were a great treat, the popsicle was really the one that won. The fruity flavour combined with the brain freeze just made summer feel like summer. It helped you forget about all the bad things that happened that day and let you focus on the good stuff and that included the delicious ice popsicle in your hand.

These following popsicles can be made for everyone. Not just kids. They’re easy and take a total of an hour (or less) to really put it together. The rest of it is a waiting game, as you watch the clock till you’re certain that your popsicles are ready to be consumed. Take a look and pick out your favourites and get to work!


Peach & Banana


Great for the kids on a really hot day, but it’s also good for the adults! Blend 2-3 ripe peaches, add into popsicle mold, then blend 1-2 ripe bananas with almond milk till smooth and add this new mixture on top of the peach in the molds. Add the stick and freeze for a few hours.


Granola Parfait


All you need is Greek (or any type really) yoghurt, a cup of raspberries and the granola cereal of your choosing. The raspberries and yoghurt gives you the fresh kick and the granola adds a little crunch to the end. Perfect parfait.


Strawberry Jam Yogurt


Everybody has a jar of strawberry jam lying around their house and this popsicle will make the most of it. The yogurt holds it all together while it freezes and when you eat it, the sweetness is just right.


Fresh Mango


The King of Fruits cannot be missed. Cut the mango into slices, blend into a pulp and then mix with yoghurt. Pour into the molds and bam, you have the perfect mango popsicle.


Whole Fruit

It might look like a rainbow, but it tastes like heaven. Because each layer is a bite of your favourite fruits. You just need to blend each fruit separately and then add to the mold one at a time. It looks good and tastes good.


Strawberry Kiwi


This is a winning combination. You can either keep the fruits whole or blend them separately and add to the mold one at a time. Sweet and hydrating all on one stick. If you’re adding the sliced fruit, then make sure you pour some of the fruit juice to create the mold.




As one of the most hydrating fruits in the world (It’s even got ‘water’ in the name), watermelons are definitely the easiest to blend and make into popsicles.


Orange Creamsicle Yogurt


What happens when you mix orange juice, orange zest, sugar and yogurt? Creamy and delicious orange popsicles that will solve all your summer woes.


Strawberry Lemonade


Strawberry Lemonade is just a mixture of freshly chopped and blended strawberries and lime juice. Once you’ve got that mixture, you can just add it into the popsicle molds and add some sugar or honey before you freeze.


Peanut Butter Banana Yogurt


Blend banana, yogurt and peanut butter till smooth. Add sugar or honey, pour into mold and add to freeze once you’ve put the sticks in. It might take a while because of the contents, but it’d be worth the wait.


Watermelon Lime Mint


There isn’t a more refreshing combination than this one. Blend the watermelon, add lime juice and honey till smooth. Pour out into the molds and either add the mint leaves before the mixture is poured or after.