11 Food Products That Are Packing It Right

Imagine if your favorite chocolate bar came in a boring cover, or candies came in colorless wrappers! What a boring and dull world that would be. But thankfully that is not to be, what with marketing and advertising reaching all time highs everyday? Businesses can’t risk their sales. And to keep exactly such risks at bay, these 11 companies gave their products some crazily quirky packaging.


  1. Coffin Case

Grave as it is (pun intended), it is driving the message home loud and clear!15smoking-coffin_600


  1. Empire State Spaghetti

Which floor will you be twirling today?14nyc_600


  1. Hexagon Honey

Fresh from the bees’ crib. Almost.honey.bottles_600


  1. Splotch Sachet

It’s like slurping up a massive blob of orange pulp.orange.drink_600


  1. Practical Pistachio

A package that becomes a bowl? Brilliant!nuts.package_600


  1. Fruit Form

Take a dip into nature’s freshest jams.8fruitjam


  1. Figured Tea Bags

These green tea bags unfold and become a bard as the tea brews.6greentea_600


  1. Peel Fresh

Juice cartons with a texture similar to that of the fruit.5fruitjuice_600


  1. Energy Plasma

Gross and gory as it might seem, you won’t have to read the packaging to know what it is!3blood


  1. Cheese Pencil

Some pizza with extra shavings.4cheese


  1. Tea Wardrobe

Brew a hot cuppa with one of these crisp tea bags.2tea-hanger