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11 Food Items That Have A Healthier Twin


Unless you have an enviable body metabolism – we hate you – there is no reason why you wouldn’t be conscious about the calories, carbs and proteins that go inside you. Of course, it’s a different thing if you’re Dwayne Johnson on you’re cheat day. Everybody wants to eat right and yet not have to give up their favorite foods. So keeping just that in mind, here is a list of food substitutes for your everyday foods that score full on taste and nutrition!


Mayo v/s Mustard

Good News! Both taste equally awesome with just about anything.2 (1)



Iceberg Lettuce v/s Romaine

The NASA space station gives a big nod to this replacement!11


Sour Cream v/s Greek Yogurt

The secret behind every Greek God and Goddess.5 (1)


Rice v/s Quinoa

Here’s why you need to send rice on a sabbatical.1 (1)


Croutons v/s Almonds

Ok so the Caesar Salad might feel incomplete but at least it won’t miss the crunch.6



Milk v/s Almond Milk

Are you saying that flavored – that too almond flavored – milk is better? Why we don’t see any problem with making this swap!18


Bread Crumbs v/s Chia Seeds

A healthier substitute that is beneficial for your skin too! A big yes to that!13 (1)


Vegetable Oil v/s Coconut Oil

We don’t see why this should be an issue.4


Processed Peanut Butter v/s Almond Butter

Well in all fairness both are butters made of nuts. But we don’t like the sound of AB&J sandwich!15


Sports Drinks v/s Coconut Water

But does coconut water come in fancy neon colors?16


Potato Chips v/s Popcorns

The chips anyway are too noisy at the movies.7 (1)


Source: NDTV Food

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