11 Food Factories That Can Give Willy Wonka Some Solid Competition

Ever wondered what it’s like being an Oompa Loompa? Yes, of course the world looks 10 times as big but that’s not what I’m getting at.

It’s every child’s dream to work at a place filled with chocolates and candies. Luckily for some that dream does come true. And how! Here is a sneak peak into 11 food factories that make iron and steel look edible!


  1. Ice Cream Cones

You’ll visually dissect your cone a 100 times before biting into it.



  1. Luxury Chocolate

Not just chocolate but luxury chocolate. Brace your drool ducts!



  1. Bubble Gum

The mixing machine could easily fill in as a hypnotizer.



  1. Pancakes

This factory makes the production appear easier than defrosting the pancakes!



  1. Marshmallows

So what do you do for a living? “I work at a marshmallow factory”. *wipes tear*


  1. Peanut Butter

A 200-year-old food that is now prepared in with modern day technology. The beauty!


  1. Waffles

The manufacturing is as satisfying as scoffing down the final produce!



  1. Ice Lolly

This is what heaven must look like.



  1. Gummies

This factory is the reason why dentists get so much business.



  1. Oreo

Take me here someone. Anyone? Pretty please!



  1. Snickers

Warning: Watch at your own risk. Viewing of this video might lead to a mental sugar rush.