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11 Essential Cocktail Recipes That Any Home Bartender Should Know


Planning on having an awesome Saturday night bash and being extra fancy by helming your own bar? Then don’t get caught by not being able to mix a classic cocktail. Allow these videos to walk you through the process of making some drinks that every amateur bartender should know.

1) The Old Fashioned

Sugar, bitters and alcohols are muddled to create this cocktail that is the mother of all cocktails. Legend has it that it was invented in the 1800s!

2) The Martini

E.B White called the martini, a gin and vermouth based drink the ‘elixir of quietude.’ Try it out and see if he’s right!

3) The Manhattan

Whiskey, vermouth and bitters make this a cocktail difficult to ignore!

4) The Daiquiri

The Tipsy Bartender shows us how to make a sweet, strawberry based drink that will transport you to the Bahamas!

5) The Margarita

Is tequila your favourite drink? Move away from simple shots and make a more classy drink.

6) The Bloody Mary

There’s a variety of bloody Mary versions, but we like this one the best. Fool your friends and tell them you’re just drinking tomato juice!

7) The Irish Coffee

A delicious concoction of coffee and whiskey, with a lovely frothy topping.

8) The Whiskey Sour

Some say the whiskey sour is a man’s cocktail. We don’t know about that, but we do know it’s delicious. This recipe adds egg whites to the cocktail for a twist.

9) The Mai Tai

Channel Tiki culture with this delicious tropical drink! It’s a rum based cocktail that is quite potent.

10) The Mojito

Mojitos can contain a variety of fruits but must have a rum base.

11) The Cosmopolitan

Vodka and cranberry juice make a perfect pair in this cocktail.