11 Epic Raita Recipes To Complete Your Biryani

Complete with carbs, proteins, fats, various spices, and nutrients, the regal Indian rice preparation, biryani, is a wholesome meal in itself. But still, most of us prefer a bowlful of sweet, salty, or tangy raita to complete the dish. Moreover, the raita is a great way to balance out the spices in the biryani. So, from a classic lauki or mint raita to a swanky Burhani raita and coconut pachadi, here all the raita recipes you need to have this season.

  1. Lauki Raita


  1. Mint Raitamint-raita-recipe


  1. Carrot Raita


  1. Burhani Raita


  1. Fresh Fruit Raita


  1. Cucumber Raita


  1. Coconut Pachadi


  1. Boondi Pomegranate Raita


  1. Beetroot Raita


  1. Boondi Raita


  1. Aloo Raitaaloo-raita


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