11 Eateries To Visit In Triplicane

Today, we’re exploring a little bit of Triplicane, which is known to be one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Chennai. It is situated by the coast of the city and is one of the most historic parts of the city, older than the established city itself. Around the streets of Triplicane, it is not difficult to find parts of it’s rich traditional culture rooted in every nook of the neighbourhood. The eateries established around the area are extremely popular with the locals and have garnered somewhat of a legendary status, serving some of the best traditional cuisine.


1. Nair Mess


Known for: It’s affordable, pocket friendly menu, and traditional cuisine.


2. Ratna Café


Known for: It’s South Indian breakfasts


3. Mathura Restaurant


Known for: It’s North and South Indian cuisine


4. Buhari


Known for: It’s classic fish fry and biriyani.


5. Bombay Lassi

bombay lassi

Known for: street food, fast food, sweets and snacks


6. Firdouse


Known for: It’s Mughlai food


7. Anjappar


Known for: It’s fabulous Chettinad food


8. Dindigul Thalappakatti


Known for: It’s popular signature variant of Biriyani, and it’s fast service.


9. Chennai Woodlaands


Known for: It’s legendary North and South Indian cuisine.


10. Kozhi Idli


Known for: It’s delicious chicken and idli combinations.


11. Coffee House at Mount Road


Known for: It’s variety of snacks, pocket friendly prices, and quick lunches.



Image courtesy: Zomato