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11 Countries and their Beloved Coffee


Most of the world starts off their days with a cup of coffee. Everyone takes their coffee a little differently. Maybe black, maybe a cappuccino, maybe without sugar or maybe just a latte. But depending on what part of the world you’re in, your choices also differ. For example if you are in Australia, you may want to order a ‘flat white’. While in Italy you might be having a ‘ristretto’.

Keeping this in mind we have decided to update yours and our coffee lingo. It would be handy while travelling, wont it?

The Cafezinho, Brazil

Coffee Cup

This major coffee-producing country is well known for its coffee and they do love their coffee. They call it the ‘cafezinho’ or ‘little coffee’ and it’s drunk around the country all day long.  ‘Cafezinho’ is dark, rich and quite sweet. Don’t be surprised if a ‘cafezinho’ is placed at your table without you even asking for it. That’s how the Brazilians do it.

Wiener Melange, Austria

Wiener Mélange espresso with steamed milk and foam @ Cafe Sabasky

It literally means ‘Viennese Blend’ in German. The Wiener Melange is a specialty coffee in Austria and is quite similar to the cappuccino. It is traditionally served as a double espresso shot in a large coffee cup with steamed milk topped with foam. You can also ask for whipped cream to be added. Oh yes, please.

Al-Qahwa, Saudi Arabia


Qahwa is spiced coffee normally containing cardamom, with dates or other dried fruits. It is more on the bitter-to-very-bitter range and is not for the faint hearted. Elders at the coffee table are normally served first so you might want to take your time with this coffee. Turkish coffee is also served in Saudi Arabia, but Al-Qahwa is more traditionally found.

Iced Coffee, Thailand


Found in every nook and corner of Thailand. Street vendors have taken it on themselves to serve a strong brew of iced coffee which is topped with condensed milk. It often has a bit of chicory brewed in it.

Kahawa Chungu, Kenya


Kahawa Chungu or ‘bitter coffee’ is Al-Qahwas cousin but not any less bitter. Customarily served to men, Kahawa Chungu is brewed in tall brass kettles over a charcoal stove. This method was developed in the ancient Arab world and then spread to other parts including Kenya.

Irish Coffee, Ireland


We needn’t give any introduction into the famous spiked coffee of Ireland. Not only does it wake you, but wakes you up with a buzz. What a morning right? We all love the Irish coffee which contains hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream. What a killer combination!

Frappe, Greece


Made with Nescafe instant coffee, sugar, milk and cold water; Frappe is very popular around the island. Strong, sweet and delicious to sip on while enjoying the beautiful views that Greece has to offer.

Café cubano, Cuba


Coffee is synonymous with Cuba and their Café Cubano is the answer why. Café Cubano is brewed with sugar and served without any milk.

Flat White, Australia


Although the origin of the flat white is highly disputed (New Zealand also claims to be the country of origin). Whichever way it is, if you find yourself in either of these two countries, ask for the flat white

Café solo, Spain


Also known as the ‘lone coffee’ and is a single expresso shot and similar to the Italian way of drinking coffee. Also popular is the Cortado which is an esperesso cut with a little warm milk. A Carajillo is also enjoyed in the mornings in Spain despite being spiked with alcohol. Carajillo is an espresso spiked with a shot of liquor, usually brandy or dry anisette. 

Filter Coffee, India


With our tea estates and chai-stalls we are tea-drinkers by heart. But say the word ‘filter kapi’ and you can’t resist ordering one. You need to have it in the traditional steel glass and it has to be piping hot.