11 Best Craft Beer Microbreweries in India

We have an excellent selection of craft beers from around India! From classic real ales and stouts to popular IPAs and pale ales you can buy individual bottles to try something new or our mixed beer cases are a great introduction if you need a little help choosing.

1. Doolally Craft Beer

Doolally means crazy! This vibrant, high on energy kind of a craft beer stands true to its name. We really loved the IPA, Farmhouse ale and their Ciders.


2. Gateway Brewing Company

The white zen, the monk’s potion, kaapi stout and the Vienna lager are all brewed here in Mumbai for all of India.


3. Independence Brewing Company


The IPA was too hoppy, and its bitterness overpowered all other tastes. The stout (Ixcacao, we spent a good amount of time trying to pronounce this one and failed miserably) tasted good but was too watery! The Belgian Wit was a quintessential Wheat beer and tasted good. The Four grain Saison was interesting enough to be had twice.

4. Striker

A microbrewery at the Global Foyer Mall in Gurgaon (and its sister operation, a beer-but-no-brewery equivalent at Vasant Kunj in Delhi), Striker is a live music hall that is a go-to favorite for beer lovers on the weekends. While the freshly brewed Weiss Beer, Rock Beer and Country Pilsner Beer are on offer, a wide range of other alcoholic drinks somewhat dilutes the ambience of a proper microbrewery; however, the open-concept microbrewery at the center of the seating area saves the day, as does the rustic lighting and atmosphere.


5. 7 Degrees Brauhaus


7 degrees Brauhas is an authentic German-based microbrewery located on the Golf course road. This is one of the finest dining places in Gurgaon.

6. Vapour

Amazing craft beer and great ambience. Drinks had option of both regular drinks as well as freshly brewed beer including wheat beer.


7. The Biere Club

Situated in the heart of lavelle road, this microbrewery is a perfect blend of good ambience, good food , great music and happening crowd.

11 Best Craft Beer Microbreweries in India

8. Toit

This place serves good range of beers. The beer was so light as water and it was recommended by the server. Recommend everyone to try hard liquor rather than the indoor one.


9. Windmills Craftwork

If you want a posh brewery, this is the place!  It’s a fine micro brewery, jazz theatre, library and multi cuisine restaurant.


10. Arbor

Their craft beers are class apart for which they are glamour for. The best one is brassiere blonde.


11. Brewsky

One of the few breweries located in South Bangalore.. A good brewery with various flavours of beer.