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11 Bakeries in Mumbai For a Heavenly Loaf of Warm Fresh Bread


You can head to your nearest supermarket and buy a loaf of factory made bread for breakfast. That’s an option. Or, you can pay a visit to one of these bakeries in Mumbai for some freshly baked, still warm unique breads. It’s your choice – but we know which one we’d go for. 

1) American Express Bakery

Where: Byculla


This large, friendly space allows you to savour the aroma of fresh bread as you sip on a coffee and gossip with friends. They don’t deliver, so parcel as much bread as you can to take home! 

Try: Rustic Oat Bread, Country Style Bread

2) OvenFresh 

Where: Dadar


To quote an old phrase, OvenFresh is an Oldie, but a Goldie. Most people know it as a restaurant that serves great burgers, but what they don’t know is that the burger bread is freshly baked, and on sale! 

Try: Warm brioche bread

3) The Baker’s Dozen

Where: Multiple outlets including Fort, Prabhadevi and Kemps Corner


So passionate is The Baker’s Dozen about its bread that each type of bread is given its own mini story on its menu. So, the Pain au Levain’s story goes “Made of wheat, I added on the goodness of walnuts and a burst of raisins during my teenage years to make me popular. Now, no one can resist my healthy charm!” Makes you want to sample it, doesn’t it? 

Try: Pain au Levain (of course), Ciabatta, Banana Bread

4) Hearsh & Co 

Where: Bandra 


This bakery has been in existence since the First World War and sure knows how to bake its bread. It’s a popular haunt for celebrities, but a take a bite of their bread and you’ll forget about ogling at Sharukh Khan in front of you. 

Try: French Loaf, garlic loaf

5) Yazdani Bakery

Where: Fort


Here’s another quaint, ancient bakery that maintains its old world charm. Sip on a small glass of Irani chai and savour the sweet bun maska. Then, stop off at the bakery counter and stock up on breads before you go home. 

Try: Cheese and garlic buns, swiss rolls, Bun maska 

6) Bombay Baking Co 

Where: Juhu 


The fact that Bombay Baking Co is nestled in Juhu’s JW Marriott should tell you something; that quality and perfection is guaranteed. 

Try: Anything on the menu – we’ve been there eight times and are yet to be disappointed! 

7) Gaylord 

Where: Churchgate


The perfect Sunday morning is coming your way; start off with a lazy stroll down Marine Drive, follow that with a sea facing breakfast at Pizza by the Bay and then pick up some fresh bread from the legendary Gaylord for lunch. 

Try: Multigrain round bread

8) A1 Bakery

Where: Bandra


Don’t you be expecting carpeted floors and gentle lighting when you visit A1 – it’s got nothing much on the ambience front. But, it more than makes up for it with its fare, of which the bread is our favourite. 

Try: Pav, Brun Pav

9) The Rolling Pin 

Where: Lower Parel, Ghatkopar


Feat your eyes on the seemingly never ending rack of fresh breads at The Rolling Pin. And then, buy some loaves, take them home and feast some more. 

Try: Baguette, Coconut bread

10) Theobroma 

Where: Multiple outlets across the city including Colaba and Malad


We know that when most people think of Theo’s, they begin drooling over brownies and cheesecakes. But, it also bakes a slew of delicious fresh breads; truly a food of the Gods. 

Try: Dense chocolate loaf, Parsi chutney bread

11) Le Pain Quotodien 

Where: Multiple outlets including Colaba and BKC


Break bread and make some new friends at Le Pain Quotodien’s massive wooden communal table. The bread will get you into such a great mood that making friends will be easy! 

Try: Baguette, Rye bread