100-Year Old Woman’s Secret To A Long Life – Wine!

Yes, you read it absolutely correctly, it’s wine. Florence Bearse’s attitude towards life is phenomenal and when asked by News Center as to what was her secret for longevity, she had only one answer, “Oh I like my wine, don’t take it away from me.” Now that’s absolutely stunning, isn’t it?

She belongs to Maine and has spent her life serving people in her own restaurant in Lagrange. She joked, “The people have taken me I think. They understand me. That I’m crazy” She spent her 100th birthday laughing, joking, making faces and of course sipping on wine.

Her no nonsense demeanor is also pretty impressive as she thinks that its important to deal with people and not to put up with any “bologna”. Advice taken Florence!

Here’s the news clip for you to enjoy her sass!