100% Raw Cold Pressed Juices are here. Juice Up!

What happens when a yoga teacher, a nutritionist and an IIM alumnus get together? They make great juice, is what. In a market unhealthy juices, Juice Up brings you something that you can sip at the movies and not feel guilty about.  “The current beverage market in India does not offer a single product which is healthy,” says Riju Gupta, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Juice Up. Launched in mid November through food events, the company sold about 10000 juices in December and is shipping about 15,000 juices a month. “Most of our customers take a monthly subscription which costs Rs 3000 for 30 juices. We have two  fixed days per area and subscribers are delivered these juices only on those days,” reveals Riju. 100% Raw Cold Pressed Juices are here. Juice Up! All packaged juices in the market, including the ones that claim to be 100 per cent natural, use a technique called pasteurization which heats the ingredients and kills most nutrients. No heat generation in Juice Up gives you 100% raw, natural and fresh cold pressed juice which has absolutely no added preservative, additive, flavour, colours, or sugars.  Riju, Chandan Agarwal, Rahul and Manu Bhasin started Fresh Food, the parent company of Juice Up. Juice Up comes in five flavours including Red-o-steady, Melony, Green Mile, Orange Hello yell-o and Nutty Buddy.Innocent in Europe and Evolution Fresh and Naked in the US are similar players in the world. In India, JustPressed and Antidote offer similar products.