10 Wine Labels For The Creative Joker In You

It is a common belief that ‘laughter is the best medicine’. But it is also a fact that a joke can’t get you tipsy. These creatively designed wine bottles solve the problem just right with their funny and innovative labels.


  1. The Bottle Bouquet

Thanks to this Blossom Cava label designed by PackLab in Finland, you no longer have to choose between flowers and wine for your anniversary now!enhanced-3224-1414607173-1


  1. Be Frank

Tell your drinking partner why they’re the ‘chosen one’. A concept designed by Canadian artist Talia Cohen, these labels were used as promotional advertising for Frank, an advertising agency.typography2


  1. Efficient Drinking

This jet lagged wine bottle flew in all the way from South Australia with a safety-card style briefing on how to drink it as efficiently as possible.boarding-bass-shiraz_1


  1. Say what you need to say

Say it with a bottle of wine. Literally.MHW_LineUp924x521-640x361


  1. Return of the Living Red

As if the gory seal isn’t enough, the bottle comes with a paper packet containing zombie illustrations that tell a story by artist Pat Mehbrei. This one’s for the horror fanatic!return-of-the-living-red_1


  1. One for each occasion

This series of labels makes it easier for you to pick out your wine. Designed by Realist Branding for the Easy Choice Winery, they also contain 10% less bullshit, according to its nutritional label.honest-wine-bottle


  1. Storing is too mainstream

“Open now” because preserving for a special occasion is clichéd. Sir John Hegarty released this bottle from his vineyard in the Languedoc. It also features a cork that has “well done” printed on its side, congratulating the impatient – and in this case, obedient – drinker.Untitled27-293x640


  1. It’s Shahr-doh-nay

While this concept by Caroline Gilroy pokes the linguistically challenged folks, it’s an excellent way of not embarrassing yourself in front of others!phonetic-wine


  1. Level Alert

Designed by artist Gemma Wariner, while the label provides drinkers with a handy spirit level signal, it was also intended to highlight the eco-friendly practices of the its producers, Equilibrium, that being to help stop rising sea levels.enhanced-30529-1414607314-13


  1. Arcade Connoisseur

Stirring up some 80s pixelated platform gaming nostalgia, this limited edition bottle hails from Dry Creek Valley in California’s Sonoma County.monsterzin-640x480


While most of these wine labels are mere concepts and couldn’t make it to the cellar (and seller), we can’t help but applaud – and laugh – at the creativity of the designers.