10 Vodka-Infused Desserts Made With Flavored Absolut

Desserts are good. No actually they are great. Sweet little somethings to complete our meal. Now how about we “fortify” these sweet endings with a kiss of vodka? Sounds like the perfect weekend plan, doesn’t it?

Now, since desserts are all about the vanillin and fruits, lets experiment with the 11 Absolut flavors. Also, the bottles are too pretty to simply take shots. Something fancier must come off them! So wear that bake-tender cap and whip up these boozy desserts this Friday!


  1. Vodka Watermelon Sorbet – ABSOLUT. Hibiskus

Freeze your nervous system with this summery sorbet doused in aromas of exotic hibiscus blended with fresh pomegranate. Get the recipe here.watermelon-sorbet


  1. Appletini Cupcakes – ABSOLUT. Äpple

A delicious and vibrant lovechild of apple martini and cupcakes, this potent dessert is the best of both worlds. Follow this recipe.Appletini-Cupcakes-01


  1. Blueberry Lemon Fizz – ABSOLUT. Citron

You could pick ABSOLUT. Berry Acai depending on the dominant flavor you desire in your dessert. Here’s how to make it.blueberry-lemon-fizz


  1. Strawberry Lemonade Jigglers – ABSOLUT. Cherrys & ABSOLUT. Kurant

The fruity taste of strawberry and berry fuse deliciously with the citru to get these sinful holiday jigglers. Get the recipe.Skinny-Girl-Jello-Shots-copy


  1. Mango Lime Vodka Ice Cream Float – ABSOLUT. Mango

Quench your fruit, gelato and vodka desires all at once with this potent ice cream float. Learn how to make it with this recipe.mango-lime-ice-cream-float7


  1. Vodka Cupcake – ABSOLUT. Vanilla

Don’t just stop at the cake; let your frosting have some of that poison too! Bake it now.vodkacupcakes007


  1. Vegan Rose Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream – ABSOLUT. Raspberri

All the vegans in the house, can we see a quick happy dance, please? Get freezing some illegally awesome gelato with this recipe.rose gelato


  1. Green Tea Matcha Ice Cream – ABSOLUT. Wild Tea

It’s calming, it’s exciting; it should be hot, but it’s cold. Make and have before the thought drives you crazy!Green-Tea-Ice-Cream-31


  1. Lemon Sherbet – ABSOLUT. Cilantro & ABSOLUT. Vanilla

The original recipe calls only for the vanilla vodka but you’ll thank us for the cilantro tip. Full recipe here.20140625-lemon-sherbet-1


  1. Grapefruit, Basil & Vodka Popsicles – ABSOLUT. Ruby Red

As summer is hinting towards its onset, its time we started whipping up some popsicles. Drop a shot or two in it while you’re at it. Follow this recipe for the booziest popsicles.Grapefruit-Basil-Vodka-Popsicle-Main-620x620


Wow. Looks like ABSOLUT decided its flavors with a box of jelly beans in hand, but hey as long as our hangover seems worth it, we ain’t complaining!