10 Tricks To Turn Fast Food Healthy For Children

Fast Food is easily available and tempting and more importantly, kids see it as the best solution to a hungry tummy. But the high amount of calories, excess amount of sugars and sodium make it harmful for them in the long run. Today we’ll show you 10 tricks that you can use to make fast food healthy in this busy lifestyle.

10 Tricks To Turn Fast Food Healthy For Children

Snacking Is Good

Pick up healthy and delicious snacks prior to going out for a fast food meal and let your kids binge on those. This can consist of your child’s favourite fruits, flavoured yoghurt, and baked chips and so on. They are not so expensive and the kids won’t up end ordering extras as they order at the restaurants.

10 Tricks To Turn Fast Food Healthy For Children

Healthy Options

Fast Food does not always consist of greasy burgers, extra fries and a double scoop of ice cream. Encourage by simply showing them healthier options which are delicious too! Don’t force these on them just show them that there is also chicken subs, salads, and wraps available and are equally appealing. Victoria Stein Feltman, a registered dietitian and co-founder of Apple to Zucchini said to CNN, “Parents can influence their kids by making healthy choices themselves and encouraging everyone in the family to do the same, like choosing chicken that is grilled instead of fried and limiting high-calorie and high-sugar condiments such as mayonnaise and ketchup.”

10 Tricks To Turn Fast Food Healthy For Children

Practice What You Preach

To inculcate healthier eating, do so yourself. A parent is the first person a child looks up to and follows as a role model. Plus if a child is acquainted with healthy food at an early stage, it is more than likely that he/she is going to continue that habit.

Sit Together For Your Meals

Most fast food places have a play area which lets the child eat and play at the same time. Make it a rule that the child needs to sit while having their meals. They can play before or after but while eating they have to sit.

Sharing Is Caring

While reducing the portions sharing a meal also helps let the child try out healthier alternatives like a grilled or baked chicken. Make it a mix of the healthy and unhealthy to encourage your child to explore their food options.

10 Tricks To Turn Fast Food Healthy For Children

Picking The Right Quantity

The kiddie sized portions are usually the right amount that your child should eat. Opting for a regular or big-sized portions can lead over indulgence in consuming fast food.

10 Tricks To Turn Fast Food Healthy For Children

Avoid The Fizz

Try to opt for drinks like milk, water or juices rather than sodas to avoid the high-sugar content. Juices, if packaged, should also be given to kids in a moderate amount.

10 Tricks To Turn Fast Food Healthy For Children

Make The Sides Healthy

Instead of reaching out for fries opt for healthier sides at a fast food restaurant like a salad, fresh fruit or a milkshake. This balances the meal and actually make the fast food a wholesome meal. Jill Castle, a registered dietitian and childhood nutrition expert said to CNN, “Adding fruits, vegetables and dairy foods help to round out the meal and make it balanced.”

Lay Down The Ground Work

It’s good to let your child know that you want them ordering a salad with their burger and not fries. This not only lets them be aware of your expectations but can also avoid a fuss at the time of placing the order. Nicole Silber, a New York-based registered dietitian and pediatric nutritionist said to CNN, “A simple thing that parents can do to help their kids make healthy choices is to have a dialogue and ordering plan before going in. This can be done on the drive over to the restaurant.”

10 Tricks To Turn Fast Food Healthy For Children

Deserting The Desert

The dessert should not be a reward for the child on finishing their entire meal but a part of the meal. Treat it like a luxury and you’ll find them asking for more on their next achievement thus forming a habit.