5 Tips To Market Your Restaurant With Pinterest

Social media has grown to an extent where it influences every part of our life. If you are running a restaurant, social media is the fastest and cheapest way to reach your target audience in an efficient way. Running social media campaigns helps in bringing notoriety and recognition to the events and the restaurant in general. 

Social media platforms have become diverse in that there are many ways to reach your customers. One social media platform that proves valuable to bringing the requisite “views” is Pinterest. It is a platform where pictures rule the world and what better way to showcase your restaurant than to engage your customers in a visually captivating manner. 

Here are a few ways you can reach your customers by using a platform like Pinterest. 

1. Cocktails Are Easy On The Eyes

Cocktails are the ultimate “picture” drink. It is one of the few items on your drinks menu which you can showcase in a way that it is visually striking. Use images of your signature cocktails and pin them on your board to further entice your customers to visit your restaurant. Cocktails are also where you (or your bartender) can show your creativity. It is easy on the throat and for the sake of your restaurant, your customers’ eyes as well.


2. Being Funny Is Never Out Of Fashion 

Your restaurant shouldn’t have the dreaded “boring” or “bland” label attached to it. Your customers should be a entertained and a better way to showcase your humour side is being quirky, or at least trying to be quirky. Bring out your funny comical side in your menus and how you present your dishes. Your menu should be the extension of your humour, whether it is straight or the sarcastic kind. Showcase these on Pinterest by pinning funny quotes or pictures to bring out the inner comedian.


3.  Socialising Leads To Network 

If you own a restaurant, the main agenda for you is to build a loyal customer base. Your customers should feel as important as you think they are. Engage them in social media platforms like Pinterest and show that you care about their opinions and thoughts about food, your restaurant or whatever it may be. It is the easiest way to engage and connect with your customers and having a loyal returning customer base, the keyword being “returning”. 

4. Menu Should Be More Than About Your Chef

There is a set menu that your chef prepares on a daily basis. But if you are trying to be that innovative (note: quirky) restaurant in your city, use a different strategy for your every day menu. Social media is a filled with pictures of food and recipes and this gives you an opportunity to play with your creative side. Pin some of these recipes to your board and let your customers know that you are trying something new for today’s lunch or tonight’s dinner. It’s different and helps in removing the shackles of normalcy which surrounds many a restaurant. 


5. Holidays Are For Selling

Starbucks does this better than anyone else. Their Pinterest board contains images of their coffees with their seasonal menus and offerings celebrating many holidays and festivals. It helps in identifying and creating a distinct personality which connects with your customers. Pin images of your Christmas menu or your Diwali speciality or even that image of a nicely stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving. It gives your customers something to relate with.