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10 Things To Do When You’re The Host


You don’t need to host a party like Gatsby did. You may not have read the book but you sure do remember the movie, don’t you? Now that was a grand party. But let’s just talk about the parties that we host at our homes. Whatever the size of your party, there are certain things you should never miss out on when you’re the host. Here’s a quick list of the important things you should be doing as the host.

1. Always have a good stock of food


The worst thing to happen when you have guests is to underestimate the quantity of food your guests are likely to consume. Remember you can always send a little take home box with your guests when they leave but it is embarrassing to run out of food.

2. Keep the drinks steadily flowing

 Cheering up

Don’t leave the drinks unattended if you have kids at the party. Keep the flow of drinks slow and steady. You are not looking to get your guests take leave of their senses! Keep filling the ice and have plenty of lime quarters and soda by your side for the guest who guzzles drinks even though they know they can’t hold their drinks.

3. Keep an eye out for the kids


Kids can get bored really quickly, make sure they have enough room to play without hurting themselves or breaking your valuables. If you don’t have kids of your own, just keep a stock of board games, colouring books and a stock of writing instruments and paper available. Keep them well supplied with food and always have someone supervise the kids.

4. Entertainment Supply


If you have a big party, you might want to be ready with movies and music that can be used as a form of entertainment by your guests. Some people would rather watch a movie or listen to music while others spend time talking. If there is a match going on that you know some of your guests are interested in, it’s a good idea to leave the match on on mute.

5. Seating space


Have enough seats for everyone to be comfortably seated. Nobody wants to be left standing for a long time. Older folks get fussy if they don’t get to rest their backs for a long time. If you’re short on seats bring in large pillows that are meant for sitting.

6. Room Temperature


Whether summer, monsoon or winter keeping your room temperature pleasant is important. With too many people in the room, you might have to set the air conditioner on a lower temperature. When you do that, remember to keep in on a mode such that the air spreads and does not target one particular area! If it’s too cold keep a heater handy. Make sure you know who among your guests are easily affected with cold because these are the people who are less likely to carry a jacket.

7. Ensure you at least greet everybody


When you have guests, you may be busy preparing the food or arranging things for your party but stop whatever you’re doing and make sure you greet them at the very least. In big parties, it is very easy to miss out on greeting people. It’s okay to say hi to a crowded room in general but as the host you should take the time to talk to your guests even a simple “I’m so glad you came” should suffice.

8. Send invites such that everyone has company


When you invite people for a party, plan well. Some people tend to get side tracked while others steal the show. This doesn’t mean you leave them out, all you have to do is make sure they’re taken care of. Get one of your close friends or family members to keep an eye on these people and let them step in when and if necessary. One important thing when inviting is to make sure you ask them to confirm their presence at least three days in advance. This will help you plan better.

9. Enough utensils and cutlery


Always have plenty of plates and cutlery. If you have twenty people coming to your house you need to have a minimum of five extra spoons and forks at hand after serving everyone. The reason is pretty simple, people drop stuff and you have to replace the spoon immediately not wash, dry and hand over.

10. Thank everyone for coming


Finally, you may be wiped out within an hour of entertaining your guests but don’t forget to thank your guests for coming. And if you can have a token gift or at least take away containers with the food they liked to take home.