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10 things you should have eaten if you’ve ever stayed in a hostel


Late night gossip sessions, fashion shows, horror movies, dances and a whole lot more. All of us have had those moments, if we’ve ever stayed away from home. But there’s always been that one companion that’s been through thick and thin; food. Munch, slurp, gobble and grab. We’ve eaten what our paws could find. So here’s a chance to re-live those moments. Or for those of you who’re still in hostel, to broaden your thinking. Or for those who’ve never been in one, to understand the species. 

1. Maggi

Good Ol’ Maggi. Or any instant noodles/ramen your friends wanted or didn’t want.

2. Jam Sandwiches


Kissan Strawberry or Mixed fruit sure was dessert after a terrible main course at the mess.

3. Chips and Junk


My roommate would call these ‘bored food’. Not that the food is boring in any way. But that when we were bored, this is what the hand would reach for.

4. From Auntie’s house

That good old auntie would send her child something to eat over the coming months. Murukku, Khakra and Halwa would come in packets that are just too small.

5. Chocolate


Chocolate– in a jar, packet or bar. Melted, gooey or pour-able.

7. Pickles


Pickles with chappatis, bread or as they are. Hey, when you’re eating the mess’ bland, bland food, a pickle saves your life. 

8. Cornflakes

No time for Muesli and flavours. Or even milk. Eat from the pack or eat none.

9. Soup


Instant soup was always reserved for the mock-sick days. 

10. Tang

Tang orange, mango or pineapple. Sweet Tang with more sugar than necessary, would always understand.