10 Sweet Recipes To Brighten Up Your Diwali

10 Sweet Recipes To Brighten Up Your Diwali

Making sweets at home is time consuming and tedious. But with our easy-to-make recipes you’ll make them in a jiffy and we’ve added a touch of health for the diet conscious. So make any one of the 10 recipes below and brighten up your Diwali.

Paneer Kheer Recipe

With paneer as the base and pistachios adding an extra punch of health, this tasty kheer will be loved by everyone in your house. Make this quick, delicious recipe in ten minutes!

Godhuma Rava Payasam

Healthy and full of dry fruit power, this Payasam recipe is sure to delight everyone who eats it. So relish it with your family this festive season!

Peanut Ladoo Recipe

This 15 minute recipe is sure to win you over with its health benefits as peanuts are packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals. So indulge guilt-free as this laddoo is sweetened with jaggery.

Rava Kheer Recipe

Simple, delicious and absolutely quick to make, rava kheer recipe is one of the most classic sweet preparations and you can use it as a last minute dessert too!


Patishapta is a delectable Bengali delicacy and reminds you of a French crepe. This can be a different variety that you can try out than the regular dessert at Diwali.

Carrot Ladoo Recipe

The name itself promises health and with the addition of condensed milk, you don’t need any sugar. Plus, the colour is vibrant and that’s the kind of perk you need to brighten up the festival.

Papaya Halwa Recipe

Power packed with enzymes and great for your digestive system this recipe is made with raw papaya. So indulge in something sweet this Diwali while keeping your gut healthy.

Kadalai Paruppu Payasam Recipe

Made with Bengal gram, jaggery and coconut, this South Indian delicacy is easy to make and absolutely delicious. Serve this to your guests after a large meal and they won’t be able to say no.

Paruppu Poli Recipe

Just like Puran Poli is famous in Maharashtra, Paruppu Poli is famous in the south and is soft and delicious to eat. Do try it!

Elaneer Payasam Recipe

Elaneer literally translates into tender coconut and this preparation, made in the style of a payasam along with the tender coconut makes it even more elegant and delectable to eat.