10 Superfoods That Actor Malaika Arora Khan Swears By

Superwoman's Superfoods

To flaunt a physique like Malaika Arora’s is definitely not an easy feat. We are not alien to her rigorous workout regimes and now, going by her Instagram account, we can’t help but totally worship the style queen.

The VJ-turned-actor’s Instagram account is laden with all things green, wholesome and healthy. And frankly, looking at that flawless physique, we are anything but surprised. So here’s what the sultry diva and mother of one (believe it or not) makes it a point to include in her daily diet:


  1. Smoothie16-mos_021716045931


  1. Whole-wheat Pasta13-mos_021716045931

Psst! Her adorable son, Arhaan made this for mommy dearest. Cute or what?


  1. Juices3-mos_021716045931


  1. Avocado Toast4-mos_021716045931


  1. Detox Meals2-mos_021716045931


  1. Multigrain Bread10-mos_021716045931

See! Multigrain can be fun too!


  1. Fruits7-mos_021716045931


  1. Granola Bars15-mos_021716050404


  1. Whole Meals17-mos_021716045931


  1. Oats18-mos_021716045931


So there you have it! The 10 major foods that the enviable actor lives by.

So! Cookie, anyone?


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