10 Stages Of Being On A Diet, Perfectly Summed Up By Lilly Singh

Popular YouTuber Lilly Singh, who goes by the alias iiSuperwomanii, is one of the most relatable earthlings ever (or maybe our life is just too basic to be able to relate with just about anyone). The 29-year-old Internet sensation knows just how flawlessly translate our thoughts and emotions into whacky videos that leave us in splits. From portraying a devilish “hangry” person to sharing her opinions on various everyday issues, Superwoman has us saying “OMG yaaaaaa” once again with her latest video that enlists the 10 stages of being on a diet.

The Canadian vlogger and How To Be A Bawse author walks us through the mundane ordeal of every millennial’s life – eating healthy. From drawing inspiration from fit and healthy celebs and consequently picking the most ridiculous diet in the book – because “if it’s in a book, it must be true” – to struggling through every waking hour to actually stick to the diet, the “unicorn Island” ambassador portrays our struggle just right. Only to end the video with a – yet again supremely relatable – breaking point that leads up to unhealthy ingestions of candy and junk.

We’ve probably said ‘relatable’ way too many times, so just go and watch the complete video below and you’ll understand what we’re going on about!

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