10 Smart Gadgets that You Absolutely Need to Have in Your Kitchen

food on the counter_compressed

Cooking is fun, so it must stay that way! Clean and nice so the smile will stay on after the massive effort and the eating! There are a few things, which is a must have to make cooking pleasurable. Not just the creation of an exquisite dish but, the process too and the cleaning up can be a lot easier!   

Head Scarf


A head scarf is a must, if you don’t want a frown upon you! One never knows when that lustrous mane will flick upon a dish, it is the queasiest feeling to, to find a strand on your plate! So scarf up! It will be your shield!

Sponge Wipes


A sponge wipe is your saviour, when you spill over while straining the pasta. Just place it on the boiling liquid and you will have some of that scalding liquid absorbed immediately, when you cannot pause to clean it, because the pasta begins to act up, it can get sticky if you don’t dunk it in iced water soon after, with no time to lose! There will be many such situations in the kitchen!

Paper Kitchen Towels

paper towels_compressed

Paper kitchen towels are really handy. One, you don’t have to wash it afterward. It saves time, but use it sparingly we have to worry about the tree being cut and all else…always a thought for our environment!



A bucket of your choice. You want ceramic, so be it, even plastic will do. But this is for a very good reason. All the veggies you wash try rinsing them in bowls thrice nice and clean, collect the water in the bucket and use it to water the potted plants or the garden! This thought might prompt a pretty bucket after all!

Rubber Gloves

Rubber Gloves_compressed

Rubber gloves are very useful. It protects your nails and chipping of your nail-polish! Also a fungal infection you might get with over cleaning your kitchen and washing utensils. With them using rubber gloves… clean away, nothing is lost!


Water Jug_compressed

A jug is very important it is almost always a life saver. Sometimes a little distraction and a dish can get seared more than the palate can tolerate. Hence a jug in hand can save the dish from too much burning, and perhaps something can be salvaged with less fluster in the process. A jug visibly standing on the kitchen counter will remind you to fill it before you begin cooking!

Cotton Floor Mat

Cotton Floor mats_compressed

A cotton floor mat is very useful, you can just push it onto any hot liquid or even cold sticky liquid you may have spilled by mistake. The kitchen is a crazy place for errors, it just happens! We just have to be careful and prepared!

Pair of Tongs


A Pair of tongs always left on the kitchen counter is a good measure. We tended to in the heat of the moment, pick a hot croquet or a fritter, which may have slipped out of the slotted spoon. It is just an involuntary reaction to salvaging food, just keep the tongs for a guarded reaction!

 Hot Water Kettle

hot water kettle_compressed

Hot Water Kettle is a time saver. For many a dishes for those who enjoy cooking will know that when cold water is added as per recipe, it slows the process of cooking, so a hot water kettle will keep you in good pace!  

Apron and Oven Mitts

fapron-and mitt_compressed

An Apron and oven mitts are really necessary. The splatter from the cooking can be spared on your dresses. It isn’t a rule that one cooks in glad-rags! So babe of even dude, an apron will keep the glint of a smile on the lips. It is so sometimes that we cook on the cook-top as well as the oven, spanning over all the dishes that we intend to whisk-up, so you will need those oven mitts!

Yeah sometimes these are the things that get relegated to the bottom of the need-list or the must-have-list, just redraw your list and get smart and cool in the kitchen!