10 signs that you’re a fussy eater

1. You make an ‘Ew-this-is-disgusting’ face for a lot of food. It’s your trademark.


2. You separate the crust from all sides of the bread.

no crust

3. Salad is healthy. Salad is great. But you don’t like tomatoes, so, no salad.

salad tomatoes

4. You shudder at the thought of eating at a friend/relative’s house because their rice tastes different from the rice that you eat at home.

dog fussy eater

5. There’s something seriously wrong in every 9 out of 10 vegetables.

9 of 10 vegeies

6. If there is a dish that you really like, you’ll order it every single time, without fail.

ordering in a restaurent

7. While sharing, you try to agree with your friend’s food choice but fail miserably.

sharing food

8. There’s something new on the menu?

ignoring the menu

9. There are at least three layers in your burger that you’ll remove before eating it.

deconstructed burger

10. You push the items you don’t like to one side of the plate. Till the end of the meal, you conveniently forget to eat it.

not eating everything on a plate