Dilli Diaries: 10 Signature Dishes From Delhi & Where To Get Them

Apart from being famously infamous in a lot of departments, you have to hand it to the Capital for serving up a list of delicious food items. Right from the stuffed parathas to the sinfully creamy kulfis, no one can visit Delhi and not binge on some! Which is why we’ve complied an exhaustive list of Delhi’s signature dishes and where you can gorge some. You’re welcome.


  1. Butter Chicken

Ain’t no chicken curry like butter chicken. The legendary Mughlai dish is said be invented in an Old Delhi kitchen, the Moti Mahal Deluxe to be exact. Here are some more places to dip your garlic naans and tandoori rotis in some heavenly butter chicken.Butter-chicken-masala-recipe


  1. Paratha

Delhi is a city of many cultures and cuisines, and one food that bind all those together is the Indian bread, paratha. Consumed in a number of forms like stuffed, deep-fried or sometimes even both, the scrumptious bread makes for a wholesome meal in itself. Break some stuffed bread at these paratha junctions in the Capital.aloo-ka-paratha


  1. Fruit Chaat

How can one speak of Delhi and not bring up the chaat. A specific kind of chaat actually – fruit chaat. The city is the place of origin of the fames Kulle Ki Chaat. Enough said. Get your fill of amazing fruit chaat at these spots.fruit-chaat-delhi-chaat-hc


  1. Chhole Bhature

Chhole bhature, chhole kulche, even chhole samosa. Delhiites are big on chickpea. But our favorite is definitely chhole and gorgeous fluffy bhaturas. Here’s where you can binge on some excellent chhola bhatura!feature image lajpat chhole bhature


  1. Samosa

Although of middle-eastern origin, the samosa has made it big in Delhi. Stuffed all kinds of spiced fillings, grab your favourite variety at these plethora of samosa outlets.feature image samosa


  1. Kebab

Again, a Middle-Eastern special, kebabs too are majorly consumed in Delhi. And while many may argue that the dish is a signature from Lucknow, Delhi too has its fair share of authentic kebab and meat outlets to boast about.Kebabs


  1. Aloo Tikki

Another street favorite, the aloo tikki has found its way to almost every Delhiites palate and heart. And you’ll be a fan too after getting a bite of some hot-off-the-tawa aloo tikki at these chaat stops.Aloo-Tikki-Chole-Recipe


  1. Kulfi

This one’s another legacy the desi royals left behind for us to loose our mind and waist size over. Though this too may find deeper roots in Uttar Pradesh, people outside kulfi outlets in Delhi like Roshan Di Kulfi and Krishna Di Kulfi would like to disagree.

Coolness on a stick!


  1. Bread Pakora

Bread pakora, or actually just pakora in general, is a majorly binged on snack during the monsoon. Actually, lets just face it; being from Delhi has a prerequisite of having a deep liking for pakora. Here are some of the city’s best pakora junctions even Bittoo Sharma approves of!bread-pakora-bread-pakora-recipe


  1. Momo

Thank you Majnu Ka Tila, Dolma Aunty, DePaul’s and Amar Colony for introducing Delhi to the wondrous snack that is momo. We do have a variety of curry, tandoori and fried for those looking for momos that are not just steamed. Here’s where you can find them.kennedy's momo


For an even more Delhi-cious meal head over to these dhabas for an authentic eating experience. Or you could skip town for a bit and dine at these quick food getaways.