10 Sandwich Recipes For A Delicious Start To The Week

Sandwiches are not only utterly delicious but are also one whole sumptuous meal on their own. The preparation consists of every kind of food that a complete meal requires – right from the bread to the veggies/meat in between. And unless you’re craving some PB&J and it’s 2 in the morning, you ought to have a few good sandwich recipes up your sleeve. We’ve put together a list of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwich recipes to keep you going through the day. Take a look!


  1. Mojo Pork Cubano


  1. Pastrami Sandwich


  1. Seared Tofu Banh Mi Sandwiche


  1. Fried Egg Sandwich



  1. Swiss Cheese Sandwich


  1. Crab Salad Sandwich



  1. California Club Sandwich


  1. Mushroom Sandwich



  1. Aloo Sandwich



  1. Fruit Sandwich

For when you want a sandwich for dessert!Fruit-Sandwich


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