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10 Salad Recipes That Will Make That Diet So Much Easier


This is it. This is the week where you will finally fulfill that New Year’s Resolution made after a drink too many and start eating healthier. How are we so sure? Take a look at the salad recipes below and you’ll understand.

1) Thai Mango Salad Recipe


This mango-licious salad is crunchy and healthy. 

2) Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

Sweet potato salad

Sweet potatoes are the healthier versions of potatoes, but they taste just as good, maybe even better! 

3) Cucumber Salad Recipe

Cucumber salad

This recipe will leave you feeling light and cool (as a cucumber). 

4) Tropical Salad Recipe


Take yourself to the tropics and back with this fruit packed salad with a fresh honey lime dressing.

5) Thai Kale Salad Recipe


Kale, the super food gets a Thai twist with coconut milk and fish sauce.

6) Salad Nicoise Recipe

Salad nicoise

Speaking of fish, we’ll sure this salad nicoise recipe with both tuna and anchovies will delight you!

7) Vegan Tofu ‘Chicken’ Salad

vegan tofu

Salad so good that you won’t even notice the chicken is missing. 

8) Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

Chicken caesar

If you weren’t fooled by that, here’s some real chicken in a salad recipe for you to try.

9) BLT Pasta Salad Recipe

BLT salad

You don’t have to watch you weight anymore; this salad will do that for you!

10) Potato Bacon Ranch Salad

potato bacon

Okay, you’ve been so good. Go ahead and treat yourself with some bacon. It’s in a salad, of course.