10 Salad Places You Can Visit In Chennai This Weekend

Salads are refreshing, healthy and tasty. Tasty? Many of you might wonder. Before you start complaining, stuff your mouths with these and you will not utter a word later! What they are not is boring. They are anything but boring. They are colorful, full of life (sometimes, quite literally) and extremely healthy. What more reasons do you need to eat this brilliant mix of flavors and food? Here’s a list of 10 definite salads that you must taste in Chennai that will change the way you think about salads. 


1. World of Subs and Salads 


A small kiosk in Karapakkam, the salads you get here are crunchy with a lot of fresh vegetables and dressings.  

2. Mexican Griller 

salad (1)

The El Patio Salad is a great choice here. The special chef’s dressing is just too good for the tongue! 


3. Bella Ciao


Cut off from the main city in the peaceful lounges of outdoor patio, you can just relax and help yourself with a bowl of Bella Ciao salad or seafood salad. 


4. Hola 


This Italian rooftop restaurant has all the things you can imagine. A good view, a good ambiance and great salads with Italian Dressings.   


5. Jonah’s Goes To West Coast


The grilled chicken strips salad is a must try. The cajun spice and herbs add a twist to the continental cuisine. 


6. Subway


Customized salads with sauces like mayo and your favorite patties, meats, and veggies? Well then, alright!


7. Burgundy’s 


At Burgandy’s you get a wide choice of salads. Everything is great but what one must try is the ceasar salad. 


8. Kobe Sizzlers


Kobe sizzlers also offers a good variety of garden salads.


9. Double Roti

Picture 120

This place has great salads with portions that will leave you satisfied and filled! Try the Roasted Eggplant and the Chicken Came First salad.


10. Lotus


The Pomelo salad at Lotus is a visitor’s favorite.